Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This Valentine’s Weekend, Discover Juri Love

By: Doug Ruffin
Boston Music Coalition

It would seem as though every business can make some kind of connection to Valentine’s Day. Wine, flowers and chocolates are all big business. Every media outlet, it seems, has several ideas on what to do on Valentine’s Day. What’s my answer? Do what ever you like and enjoy.

Doing what I like, Publicizing Live Music events, has giving me the opportunity to network with some dynamic people. One of those people is my good friend, “Juri Love”. Her music is original and touching. Her personality is one of caring, sharing and positivity.

This Weekend, you have an opportunity to embrace the music performance of Juri Love. She will be performing on Saturday, February 16 at the Hancock 309 Gallery on 309 Hancock Street in Dorchester Massachusetts beginning at 6:00 PM. The Event is to bring much needed awareness to the Tsunami and Sandy disasters, “After” these disasters. Juri Love will perform her music and will also perform with her group of students, “Genuine Voices”. Saturday’s event will launch a month of additional events to take place at the 309 Gallery. Topping off with an Art Auction on March 9th.

No business or media outlet should condition you to do anything on Valentine’s Day. So, I’m taking a musical direction and will likely attend this event to catch Juri Loves’ performance. Hope you will consider doing the same.  



You’re invited! Click Here!

Gallery 309

Juri Love