Monday, July 28, 2014

TWTF! What it means and why you should go

By Doug Ruffin
     Boston Music Coalition

TWTF is not an Internet radio station or the name of a new band. Although, let's face it, it sure sounds like boy band doesn't it? No, TWTF stands for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and  yeah, you guessed it, Friday. Why would you need to know these days of the week? Well .... It's the "Summer in the City" concert series. 

For the last sixteen years, the Boston Harbor Hotel has been presenting live Blues music. They have since added more live music genres outside, during the sunset hours at the Boston Harbor Hotel 70 Rowes Warth in Boston. 

What's the,"T"? The first T is for Tuesday. On Tuesday evenings, the Boston Harbor Hotel offers live Soul (R&B) music. Grab that W from the middle of the week and make it a rat pack night with your favorite live songs from Sanatra and more! The "B" in R&B stands for Blues so the second "T" Thursdays, are dedicated to the Blues. F stands for Friday. It's a great night for a classic movie. And ya' know what? A classic movie under the stars is an experience with a melody all it's own.

This amazing concert series is free to attend and runs through August 29.  You will want to get there by 6:00 PM. Here are a few examples  of the, "Summer in the City" concert series in August. Tuesday is Soul Night. On August 12, catch, "Good Will and Them Apples" Wednesday is Rat a Pack Night." Mike Dutry Stictly Sanatra Band" plays on August 20 during Wednesdays' Rat Pack Night. For great Blues, tap you foot to to the live music of James Montgomery on Blues night Thursday,
August 14 and end the summer with a classic movie under the stars with "West Side Story" on August /9.

Now that you know the TWTF code; Use it as your key to a summer of great music and classic movies under the stars. 

To get more information and to get  more  TWTF choices in July and August at the Boston Harbor Hotel, visit 

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Musical Note about The Boston Summer Arts Weekend July 26 & 27,2014

By Doug Ruffin
     Boston Music Coalition 

When you combine the excitement of the City of Boston with warm summer weather, it can only mean great music and arts festivals throughout the city and beyond. 

Copley Square in Boston is buzzing with excitement throughout the year. This weekend, July 26 & 27th, Copley square will be the center for a full weekend of live Arts and Music for the entire family (and no, not just the kids) but instead, a diverse fun filled weekend for everyone. Get ready, it's time for the third annual Summer Arts Weekend. 

The People who plan this event truly know how to make a free event for the entire family fun and interesting for all. Throughout the weekend, several local arts organizations and artists will perform on the Fountain Stage while on the main stage, family friendly performers take the stage starting at 11:00 AM while top music performers heat up the summer nights. Dance and party with The Soul Rebels topped off with Los Lobos on Saturday night and on Sunday, Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder end the weekend with a magnificent sunset concert. 

For a full schedule and additional information about this years free Summer Arts Weekend, visit 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Willie Sings The Blues This is a Boston Music Coalition Live Music Review

By: Doug Ruffin
      Boston Music Coalition 

Willie Nelson performed at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in Boston last month with Alison Krause and Union Station all on the same bill. Everyone who knows me understands what a dog I am for live music of all genres. Country music isn't my favorite genre but it's growing on me. Or rather, I'm growing to appreciate it more. Still, getting me to go to see Willie Nelson .... That's a stretch.

With opened mind, my girlfriend, and a great summer night, I was prepared for a Country concert And I promised not to laugh. Good thing,. Union Station and Alison Krause were truly entertaining. Excellent musicianship and great interactions with the audience. Song choices from both bands not only met with its target audience but entertained everyone, even me.

Soon it was time to see a living legend perform. Willie Nelson took the to stage and was met with cheers and great anticipation. But Willie Nelson, known for Countyr Music, pulled a few tricks from his musical sleeve. He and his band sang the blues. Not just that pop rock implied blues, but down home, feel the pain and take it to church blues. Some in the audience expecting Country music, sat with arched backs and folded arms. As for me, I was all about it and lookin' for my church fan. Willie Nelson exposed a lot of talent that night other than Country. But remember, a living legend knows his audience and Willie Nelson pleased his fans by singing, "On The Road Again" and several other traditional hits.. At last, the arms unfolded and his audiences leaned in to enjoy a great Country concert with a little blues for the soul.