Monday, August 19, 2013

Veronica Robles Performs at Boston GreenFest 2013

By Doug Ruffin
Boston Music Coalition

The last music performer of the night at Boston GreenFest on Saturday was a Mariachi band and a singer, Veronica Robles.  No kidding. I had absolutely no idea what I was in for. I have been in the audience to see a Mariachi band before; but Veronica Robles left me and the rest of the crowd in aw.

Veronica Robles who later told me in a back stage interview that she hosts and produces for Telemundo – Boston. She has been hosting and producing for years. First in Mexico and now in on Telemundo.

Let me set the stage to describe her performance. The Mariachi band came out and performed a traditional Mexican standard. The crowd already up on their feet begins to dance. At the start of the second song, Veronica Robles takes command. She is young, beautiful and stands tall. Not just in height but in stature. Music, in of its self, is an international language. Veronica Robles sings in Spanish but her dramatic presents with every lyric in every song is dramonsterative enough for anyone to understand. Singing with passion and emotion; this woman can “sang”!

Holding notes like an opera singer, commanding attention like a rock star and yet humble and humorous at the same time; Veronica Robles won the hearts of everyone in the audience.

After a few photo ops back stage; a busy Veronica Nobles politely and professionally focused on our interview by turning to me and saying, “O’kay, I’m all yours”.

BMC (Boston Music Coalition): That was an amazing performance. How long have you been singing?

Veronica Robles: Oh thank you so much. I have been singing … well professionally; since I was fourteen years old.

BMC: In Mexico?

Veronica Robles: Yes but I also toured the US and other countries throughout the world.

BMC: When did you come to the US?  

Veronica Robles: I came to the US to do a tour while living in Mexico. I moved to the US eighteen years ago.

BMC: What were the highlights of your singing career?
Veronica Robles: Performing at Carnegie Hall, and in 1997 I performed at Lincoln Center.

BMC: That must have been an honor.

Veronica Robles: Oh yes.

BMC: And you have been working in Television? Tell us more about that.

Veronica Robles: I started hosting on a Mexican network inn 1997. The show as about Mexican Culture. I also started producing there and I continue to host and produce her on Telemundo.

BMC: Getting back to the music; where can I get your music?

Veronica Robles: You can visit my site. . Nobody wants to buy music anymore. It’s o’kay. I have songs on my site so anyone can download.

BMC: What about upcoming performances?

Veronica Robles: I will be performing at Roxbury Community College on Mexican Independence Day. September 14th and I will be in the Columbus Day parade in Revere, Mass. 

NOTE: It was our pleasure to meet and talk with Veronica Robles. We look forward to more performances from her

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Boston GreenFest 2013: Never Trash a Green Success Story.
Here’s The Recap.  

By Doug Ruffin
Boston Music Coalition

I was introduced to a great lady, Karen Weber, who was, at the time I met her, working on an event I did not hear about. It was and is called, Boston GreenFest. I attended some meetings and saw volunteers come and go.

This year, as I disclosed last week, The Boston Music Coalition is a media partner of Boston GreenFest 2013. Covering this years’ event was not only exciting to do; but a chance to see how this yearly event has grown. More people seemed to have attended this year than ever before. Those attending got information about matters of what is truly green and purchased from venders in tents large and small throughout City Hall Plaza.

As for the music, the choices were more divers than in the past. No one music stage ever over powered another stage even though four stages offered live music and / or Eco- fashion shows and family fair throughout City Hall Plaza.

Each stage, including the main stage, offered continuous entertainment. I’m not talking about an on going schedule of bands. I’m talking about performers ready to jump on stage as soon as the previous band has completed. On the main stage, where each band had to set up equipment, the breaks between bands was always less than five minutes. All stages were well on schedule and the host on the main stage never had to say, “ we have … oh are they ready? … o’kay …I think we’ll have .. oh no We have a change? … so what are weee??….. O’kay” Just like you see, at times, during many large events. But not here! The continuous flow of well planned entertainment permitted the host to present each performer with total confidence.

I am overflowing with notes, CDs and bios. Tomorrow, Look for an interview with  Telemundos’,“ Veronica Robles”. I had no Idea what we were in for when she arrived on stage. Let me tell you. This woman can “Sang”!   

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Night Music at Boston GreenFest 2013.
You’re Not Gonna Want to miss A Single Green Beat!

By: Doug Ruffin
Boston Music coalition

It’s just after 5:30 PM and the crowds attending Boston GreenFest continue to grow in anticipation of Saturday night at Boston GreenFest 2013.

Earlier today, Bob Bradshaw performed his brand of Irish / Americana music in the Eco lounge. The well attended performance was full of great sounds and lyrical humor. Bob told us back stage that he has been performing for thirty years. He is excited about his just released CD, “Home”.

I need to make a correction. We have reported in this blog about the Soul stage and called it incorrectly as the, “EcoSoul Stage”. It is, in fact, the Green Soul Stage. Please make a note of it when you go to GreenFest tonight.

Just about an hour or so ago at the Green Soul Stage; I talked with the band, “Viva La Hop”. (The name means ,”long live Hip hop” especially, Live Hip Hop performances) They have a sound of well written quality driven hip hop with a band- not a DJ; much like “The Routs. Viva La Hop is newly formed and met at Berklee School of Music. You know how every once in a while, you go out and hear a new band and you just know they are going to make it? That is the vibe you get from Viva La Hop.

Just a quick note: Non-live music events took place today. They deserve musical mention due to the use of music during such performances at GreenFest today. For example, a Belly dancer was featered today and the music she danced to was that of contemporary Middle Eastern Music. Wonna know what America? We are lagging behind in pop music. Today’s middle eastern music is better than our electronic dance music and far beyond the hip hop rythmic we are still playing here in the US.

Music has just played a part in a fashion show over at the main stage. The models generated excited in visual styles while we were all treated to some great house music at the same time. 

It all goes to show in both of those examples that when listening to music; don’t judge a book by its cover and be carefull; you just might learn something. 

We are about to get in to tonight’s music at Boston GreenFest 2013. Latin sounds and Rock n Roll rule the night at Boston GreenFest 2013.  You’re not gonna want to miss a single Green Beat!     

It’s Saturday and Boston GreenFest 2013 is Happening Now!

By Doug Ruffin
Boston Music Coalition  

You are going to want to bring the entire Neighborhood to Boston GreenFest today at City Hall Plaza by the Government Center T Stop from now until 10: 00 PM. Boston GreenFest 2013 launched was a bang musically and the music explosion is still taking place. However, today is the last day. We are here live covering Boston GreenFest 2013 and the crowds are already making their way to City Hall Plaza. One thing we’ve noticed. The family crowds whom are attending this event during the last few days are orderly and the well planned out design leaves more than enough room for more people to get around the plaza.

To recap Friday we talked with a newly formed Jazz band in the EcoSoul tent. The NWA Soul Project formed in November and has already gained attention here in Boston. They write original music and hope to have a CD out soon. In addition, they are planning smart marketing strategies such as social media and E Newsletters.

Soon after, we heard some great acoustic sounds taking place in the Eco Lounge. RSO (that stands for Really Small Orchestra) offered up big sounds described by the band as, “Genre Bending Acoustic Music”. The band is busy with several gigs. When we talked to them at GreenFest, they were on their way to Bedford for a gig later Friday night. We asked RSO what the altermate goal is for the band and the lead singer, Grace Morrison, (no, not related to That Morrison answered),“To do this (perform) full time”. At this pace, their goals could indeed be realized.

The main stage at Boston GreenFest is always a buzz with activity and entertainment during Boston GreenFest 2013. The music powered the evening and well in to the night.

McAlister Drive performed at “Outside the Box” earlier this summer to rave reviews include from all of us at the Boston Music Coalition. They are the only acoustic band that positively sounds electric with an international sound that plays well to any local audience. When the band jumped off the stage, we jumped in to an interview.
BMC: You guys really got this crowd going.

McAlister Drive: Thanks, but by the looks of things, the next bands going on this main stage are about to explode.

BMC: How did you get involved with Boston GreenFest?

McAlister Drive: We’ve performed here at GreenFest for three years now. Our manger, Kyle is friends with Karen Weber, The person who puts this thing together. Kyle helped out with one of the stages and we were happy to perform all these years at GreenFest.

BMC: Is it a performance thing for you? Or, Are you in to the environment?        

McAlister Drive: We’ve always been concerned about the environment. Band member have in fact road a bike to this gig or took the subway.

BMC: Where are you guys from?

McAlister Drive: We’re from Arlington and all around Boston.

BMC: You seem to have an international sound. Have you performed outside the US?

McAlister Drive: We have done some international shows in England, Ireland and we are popular up in Toronto.

NOTE: McAlister Drive has a CD, “The Goddess” out now.  A new CD is in the works for a likely release in the early 2014.

Topping off the night was an R&B / Gospel Group that brought the croud to its feet. “Rayz” they told us back stage that the group was formed mostly by friends who attend church together. Raenya, the lead singer, is surrounded by her family on stage and back stage as well.  On stage performing, she has a strong enough voice to cover nearly any kind of music she sets her mind to do.        

Now that Boston GreenFest is underway for a Saturday full of Eco info and Great Music; we’ll be here live covering all the music. Visit for updates throughout the day. Better yet. Get you self over here to City Hall Plaza to see and hear Boston GreenFest 2013.
NOTE: Read below to get updates you may have missed. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Afternoon Update at Boston GreenFest. Folk and All That Jazz

By Doug Ruffin
Boston Music Coalition

What a great summer day weather environment for the first full day of Boston GreenFest 2013 at City Hall Plaza. The event, free for all and open until 10 PM tonight and concludes Saturday August 17th us underway. Many exhibits, activities for kids, and great food. After the Mayoral EcoForum, it was time for some music.

When you go to the Boston GreenFest site, you will find a list of music and entertainment for the day. Several stages and tents emulate music without disturbing each other. With all that music and entertainment going on, this well planned event makes it easy to talk with one another.

I heard a guitar and a set of bongos and some fun eco lyrics emulating from the Eco lounge. I went in and enjoyed a set from writer; singer and recording artist, Mike Delaney. If you remember the song, “Love that Dirty Water”, you will not forget the fun Mike Delaney has with that song to send an important ecological message. Mr. Delaney has a day job at the NWA at the lab testing water. So we had to ask him the obvious.

BMC: How do you get away with writing, recording and performing songs about the environment while employed at the NWA for twenty years?

Mike Delaney: We have an agreement. I can continue to do this (perform) as long as they (the NWA) preview my work.

BMC: You could perform any music you would like. Why the environment?

Mike Delaney: I’m an environmentalist. That’s why I work at the NWA.

BMC: You have been performing for fifteen years; what was your biggest gig?

Mike Delaney: Playing the Boston Falk Music Festival. 

NOTE: Mike Delaney has a new CD out and will continue to perform. His CD, “Boston Harbor: No Longer Dirty Water” is out now.

We’ll have more on the other performers I talked to in our next update including a great jazz performance that was standing room only. 

An Eco Fashion Show is taking place now. Lot’s more music going on and we’ll have more updates as everything takes place.
We are live at Boston GreenFest 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Morning Update: Live from Boston GreenFest 2013

Doug Ruffin
Boston Music Coalition

It may be Friday morning but anyone who attended the Boston GreenFest kick off may still be wearing the glow of Thursday night on their faces.

Among everything else; if the live music performances that took place Thursday night are any indication of the next two days ahead (Friday and Saturday) Boston GreenFest will have its greatest success to date.

Things got underway with a good start at 5:00 PM yesterday. And the sun set fueled the energy as music and energetic performers lit up the night throughout Boston from one stage at City Hall Plaza. The Creek River String Band electrified the audience with original and popular acoustic sounds.

Melodeego a great band with a rhythmic rock vibe with a mix of blues and Gospel, amped up the large crowd at City Hall plaza with the help of bike peddlers who provided the natural energy for the bands’ performance. The lyrics in the songs from Melodeego are strong and motivating. Apparently, this group has something to say. So we interviewed them.

BMC: What made you decide to become the musical voice on the environment?

Melodeego: We have been playing for a while and four years ago, the issue of the environment caught our attention. It effects social justice, human rights, animal rights and more.

BMC: You guys are from the Boston area. Have you influenced other music performers to sing about the environment and social issues?

Melodeego: One example of an artist who speaks out on social issues like us is an MC called Tem Blessed from New Bedford. We worked with him in a music video.

Note: Melodeegos’ latest song available on You Tube is, “Digging us a whole”. The also have an, “action” coming up as they plan to march with thousands to protest the pipelines.

Next on stage was Santa Mamba. The name means to “Celebrate Life”. And the world pulse of international influences brought the crowd to its feet.

Last on stage were Phunk Phenomana and Lil’ Phunk. The crowd danced and watched in amazement as they seem to bring Michael Jackson back to life. Phunk Phenomena is MTVs Americas best Dance Crew. The crew is from Everett and they offer dance lessons in Everett as well. The night was not only exciting but likely to be influential enough for attendees to bring entire neighborhoods with them today for more green Energy info, Great food and phenomenal entertainment!

We’ll be here live. Bring the entire neighborhood. You’re not gonna want to miss a Single Green Beat!

Check back often for more updates live from Boston GreenFest 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

GreenFest: Eco Info And an Abundance of Live Music!

Doug Ruffin
Boston Music coalition  

If you think GreenFest, free for all to attend, taking place at Boston City Hall Plaza by the Government Center T stop taking place August 15-17, is about a bunch of speeches from people reminding us how we all are gonna die if we use one more paper plate; Get your dancin’ flip flops on. Come on over to City Hall Plaza for some cool eco info, great food, kids entertainment and yes, an abundance of live music. 

Let me clear the air with a disclosure. The Boston Music Coalition is indeed a media partner of Boston GreenFest 2013. That said. I have been attending Boston GreenFest for years.  Just like a fine wine, Boston GreenFest improves with age.  This year, you can find out what the Boston Mayoral candidates have to say about the environment, catch a film festival and so much more.

Diversity has always been key to the entertainment menu at Boston GreenFest. This year however, it’s different. They found a way to be even more diverse. For example, performers include a Marching band from El Salvador, Great acoustic bands like McAlister Drive and a Native American Drum and dance Company. Wow! And that’s just for starters.

Boston GreenFest 2013 is going on now, Thursday through Saturday August 17. You’re not gonna want to miss a single green beat!

NOTE: The Boston Music Coalition will be covering Boston GreenFest live throughout the weekend.


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