Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Live! Recap of the Outside the Box Festival from the Boston Music coalition.

By Doug Ruffin
     Boston Music Coalition

Please try not to mistake me for a top 40 radio announcer, but I have to tell you that much more music is on the way. I say that because while we accept the end of the Outside the Box festival in Boston; Boston is rich in great music talent and venues where they perform. So stay tuned … Oh, here I go again with the top 40 thing... stay tuned to this blog for several new live music events.

Just as the greater Boston area is rich in music talent, greater Boston enjoys a wealth of diversity. Combine the two and you get the amazing live instrumental and vocal performances of Women of the World. This group of women who met at Berklee School of Music in 2008 found a way to brilliantly take the musical sounds of the world and take the audience to any region this bands chooses to take you. It’s up to the audience to hold on, let loose and enjoy the ride as Women of the world bring you the musical pulse of the world.

Music of the World performed on the last day of the Outside the Box Festival in Boston on Sunday at City Hall Plaza. After an extraordinary musical tour the Boston Music Coalition landed an interview with Women of the World.

BMC (Boston Music Coalition): What countries did you take us to this afternoon?

Women of the World: Oh goodness, Haiti, Greece and France to name a few

BMC: I must say; that French café song you invited the audience to interact with you had me singing a long with you.

Women of the World: That’s great, that’s what we want you to do.

BMC: Tell me. Who is the lead singer of Women of the World?

Women of the World: We have no lead singers. We are a group. We take turns with lead vocals and we share performance ideas.

BMC: Your group, Women of the World, is made up of 10 women from all over the world. Where are you based?    

Women of the World: Boston. In fact, one is a student at Berklee and another one of us teaches at Berklee.

BMC: Musically speaking; What countries or world genres would you like to discover and perform?

Women of the World: That’s hard to answer. .. I mean … with so many counties and cultures … I would have to say Arabic … Hawiian so many more.

BMC: You mentioned Arabic music. Things are changing fast musically in the entire middle east. Electronic Dance Music radio stations are all over the middle east now, Last years number one singer in Iraq cam from Isreal and in some middle eastern countries, moany college aged kids demand English lyrics from live performers at night clubs. What kind of Arabic music do you hope to perform?

Women of the World.: We want to present the musical tradition of the culture from what ever country we are performing.

NOTE: In addition to a new CD, Women of the World will head to New York City for the 92nd Street workshop. Through music, Women of the World will have the opportunity to teach students music styles and more related to music.       

Monday, July 22, 2013

Live: Outside the Box Recap from the Boston Music Coalition.

By Doug Ruffin
     Boston Music Coalition   

I have to tell you.  Being here at the Boston Common, right now, feels different. Just like many other people; I’m spoiled by Outside the Box. I’ve grown used to expecting a cool band to play at noon time on the Boston Common, or dancing in to the night at City Hall Plaza. Now; you hear a few street musicians and that lady who clanks her change jar looking for donations in front of Park Street Station. Not to say that Boston is, or ever will be, a sleep when it comes to music and the arts; But what a great time Outside the Box was! This event not only brought a huge assembly of people together to enjoy music and the arts, it also brought, many people in music and the arts together. For me; it demonstrates that a dream can indeed come true and it proves once again, that greater Boston truly supports the arts. The Outside the Box Festival in Boston successfully brought a world of entertainment to the largely diverse populous of greater Boston.  Let’s hope this takes again place next year.

Good times go fast. Still, its hard to believe that the Outside the Box event started on July 13th and ended Sunday, July 21st. Hundreds of Thousands of people attend Outside the Box. The music portion provided outdoor audiences with performances covering Opera with The Boston Opera Collaborative to Synth Pop Rock with Gentlemen Hall and so many additional styles in between. That doesn’t count the abundance of programs for kids, Theatre, Comedy and more from the arts.

One of the key events that took place during the Festival was the a cappella contest. The winner, Kristen Merlin, who got to perform on stage with Bryan White cheerfully met with the Boston Music Coalition for an interview.

BMC (Boston Music Coalition): Congratulations on winning the a cappella contest. Tell us the story of how you got involved in the contest.

Kristen Merlin: A friend told me about the contest. So, I went. They told me that I would  find out if I would be accepted as a contestant during the Outside the box Festival the same day as the try outs. The day ended … I didn’t hear from anyone. I thought .. oh well … I didn’t make it. Then the next day, I got the call telling me that I got in!.

BMC: That alone must have been exciting for you

Kristen Merlin: Yes! It was very exciting!

BMC: And then you end up winning and you just performed with Bryan White. How exciting was that?

Kristen Merlin: Oh .. I can’t tell you how happy I am .

BMC: What’s Next for you?

Kristen Merlin: Well, I do cover gigs so I’ll do more of that. But I want to get back into the studio to finish my indie CD,

NOTE: We’ll keep in touch with Kristen Merlin to announce where she is performing and the release of her CD. 

Tomorrow we’ll be back for our final recap of the Outside the Box Festival in Boston.
We will conclude an interview with, “Women of the World

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Live Recap of Day 6 of the Outside the Box Festival in Boston

Day 6 of the Outside the Box Festival in Boston was the strongest day yet for great music and arts events. The good news is that Friday is just the start of a tremendous weekend of music and arts at the Outside the Box Festival in Boston.

Here are just a few of the music highlights of Day 6.

Hundreds of people Danced, bobbed their heads to the music and got in to some Boom Boom clappin’ with the ever popular Shea Rose at City Hall Plaza this afternoon.

The team at the Boston Music Coalition could not escape the infectious sound of Shea Rose’s band and her great voice that never needs to command attention but instead, absorbs your attention from anything you may be doing. Proof of that is how crowds of people passing by seemed to stop, look up and move closer to the stage. Or, start moving to dance right where they were standing.

Shea Rose performs a diverse joke box of original songs and a hot cover by the B52s, “Dance This Mess Around” the title track of her new EP to be released this Fall.

We interviewed Shea Rose immediately after her performance.

BMC: (Boston Music Coalition) Good to see and hear your performance today

Shea Rose: Performing at the Outside the Box Festival is a big highlight for me and the band. I like what this whole thing stands for

BMC: You seem excited about the EP. When does it come out?

Shea Rose: It’s very exciting.  It’s called, “D.T.M.A” The title track is, “Dance This Mess Around”. It’s our cover track for the EP that comes out this Fall.

BMC: Relating to music; tell us something no one knows about you and music.

Shea Rose: Hmm, I’d say… I have a secret interest to strip down musically and perform acoustic songs I wrote. I’d like it to be like Joni Mitchell.

At the end of the interview, Shea Rose thanked the Boston Music Coalition for the interview.

Later that evening, Country music could ne heard throughout the Boston Common emulating from the Beacon Stage. Country Stars shined with performances by, McAlister Drive, The Frontmen of Country Music and Platinum artist, Bryan White.

We sat down and talked with Bryan white after his show.

BMC (Boston Music Coalition): That was a great show.

Bryan White: Thank you. I love being here in Boston.

BMC where do you go next?

Bryan white: Atlanta

BMC: To catch a Braves game?

Bryan White: Oh I wish … that would be nice. No, I’ll be performing out there.

BMC: Let’s talk about Country Music. How do you see Country music received in different parts of the US or where ever you tour?

Bryan White: The following for Country music is everywhere. People love it where ever I go...

BMC: I’ve noticed that Country music videos tell better stories in three minutes at times than a two hour movie.

Bryan White: Country music tells great stories. It’s the music that heals.

BMC: While you are a Country artist; have you ever thought about secretly getting in to a studio and making a record in a different genre under a different name?

Bryan White: Oh, that would be no secret. I would love to perform in front of some horns. I’d love to do some blue eyed soul or Jazz standards in front of a brass band.

BMC: What s next for you?

Bryan White: The release of my second independent album, “Shine” in the late Fall.

BMC: Is doing an independent album challenging?

Bryan White: It is more challenging. You have to drive the ship and get your own marketing people and everything. But ... It’s way more rewarding!

BMC: For any artist working on an independent album; what are the pitfalls to watch out for?

Bryan White: Learn from your bad decisions and especially for young artists, pay attention to your contracts.

We thank Bryan white for his informative interview and wish him success with his Fall release of his independent album, “Shine”.
Editors Note: Inside the Box had an acappella contest and the winner, Kristen Merlin, got to perform with Bryan White. While we were back stage we asked Kristen Merlin how it felt to win and how it all happened. We’ll provide you with our complete interview with Kristen Merlin on Monday.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Boston Music Coalition provides Coverage of Outside the Box.
 A music and arts festival happening now in Boston

 Boston – July,16’3013: The Boston Music Coalition has gained full press access to the Outside the Box arts festival happening now through and including July 21rst. The Citywide event got underway last Saturday. Beginning immediately, The Boston Music Coalition will report on the overall events, Interview bands and review live performances.

Outside the Box 2013 is described as Boston’s inaugural nine day summer performing arts festival event free and open to the public. It showcases both local and international musicians, dancers, Theatre Groups and more.


Boston Music Coalitions President, Doug Ruffin, starts our blog coverage now.

 It’s 6:15 PM, currently 80 and hot here at the Boston Common. But that hasn’t stopped people from attending Outside the Box events throughout the Boston Common today. In fact, Officials from Outside the Box report this evening that to date, over one hundred Thousand people have attended the festival events so far this week.   

As Country group, Lonestar, prepares to perform in just a few minutes at 6:30
At the beacon stage here on the Boston Common; here is just one music review of the many events taking place today here at Boston Common.

The Dunwells, from England, bring on the musical heat during a hot afternoon as part of the Outside the Box festival in Boston.

This is a Boston Music Coalition; Special Live Music Review.

By Doug Ruffin
     Boston Music coalition

When I read the media kit description of, The Dunwells at this afternoons’ Outside the Box Festival, I had no idea what I was in for. It described the music of this band from England as a blend of acoustic and electronic roots music. How was that going to play out? Well the album is considered stunning and The Dunwells, two Brothers and some cousins, are as the media kit says, “Utterly Natural”.

The acoustic and the electric guitars sings a melody that will remind you of the single note areas of a Santana song or the guitar licks from the Isley Brothers remake of, “Summer Breeze”. But it’s the singing performance harmonies by The Dunwells that are completely unmatched in any genre of music today! The words to each song are clear and easy to understand. Each instrument performed by the band provides emotion to the story the song is telling. It all adds up to great music not easily produced, but connecting well with any member of any audience. 


More reviews and updates to come. from the Outside the Box Festivaal in Boston