Monday, December 29, 2014

The Felix Brown Band

=Felix The Cat iwas an old black and white cartoon short from back in the day. Felix always had his magical bag of tricks. 

Enter New Years Eve 2014. The Felix Brown Band Performs at the Resolution Ball at the Shariton Hotel in Boston. It will seem magical when the Felix Brown Band performs, but actually that's pure talent. Upbeat fun and well engaged with the audience, The Felix Brown Band can perform many genres of music. The musicianship of the band is so strong, that when they perform a song from a genre you though you didn't like, somehow, you just find yourself lovin' that tune! How can that happen?

Whether the Felix Brown Band calculates the number of people in a given audience and configures a playlist to see to it that each audience member is entertainsined or not, I can't say. What I can tell you is that I have never seen anyone leave a Felix Brown Band performance disappointmented ... Ever! 

By now, all the cool cats are set to see the Felix Brown Band on New Years Eve. You wanna go too?
Click below and get ready for a great night!

The Boston Resolution Ball The Biggest and Best Event Featuring the Felix Brown Band. 

Like Country? I do! Make plans to go to Boston"s Country Countdown featuring The Shana Stack Band. http// 

Party World Wide! It's easier than you think! Go to the World Fusion New Years Eve Party Featuring MAMAOU: http// 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Support 4th Annual Boston Emissions Walk for Animals Team

By Anngelle Wood

NOTE: Anngelle Wood is contributing her article the the Boston Music Scene Blog from the Boston Music Coalition. Angelle Wood is the host of the popular, "Boston Emissions" radio program Sundays on WZLX.  Angelle also runs the yearly Rock n Roll Competition

I have come to learn that we like to help. I am asking everyone I know to please consider taking part in our annual Boston Emissions team walk!

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 

Please join the team and donate here: 

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 
I am organizing our annual Boston Emissions team for the 2014 Walk for Animals for Nevins Farm, Methuen.
Each year we invite friends, fans and animal lovers alike to support us, walk with us and help us reach our fundraising goal. 
I have been a supporter of MSPCA's work, especially Nevins - a full functioning farm location located off Route 213 in Methuen that cares for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ducks, horses, pigs, sheep, and more.
MSPCA's Animal Action Team has been instrumental in getting needed legislation written and 

passed at the State House. They work to defend and protect the safety of animals large and small.
Learn more about their work:

I have a personal story, I fostered then adopted one of my dogs from Nevins, which was outlined in this feature last year:

 Annual #WalkforAnimals is Sunday, September 7 at Nevins Farm in Methuen.

Thank you from my full house to yours,
Anngelle Wood
Boston Emissions // Rock 'n' Roll Rumble

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: 
Anngelle Wood

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Summer Music Continues

By: Doug Ruffin
       Boston Music Coalition

Summertime! It's alive and well in August. Here are just a few music events taking place this week. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Location: Xfinity Center, 885 South Main Street, Mansfield, MA. 
The Music:     Arcade afire

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Location: Blue Hills Bank Pavilion 
The Music:     REO Speedwagon 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Location: Lynn Memorial auditorium 
The Music:     38 Special 

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Location: Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom 169 Ocean BLVD, Hampton
The Music:     Alanis Morissette 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Location:   North River Blues Festival
The Music:       Rick Estrin and the Nightcats

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Green Means Go!

By Doug Ruffin
     Boston Music Coalition

Boston Greenfest 2014 is the Three day multicultural environmental music festival taking place August 15-17 at City Hall Plaza in Boston May.

 Imagine several events mixed in to one three day event. As for music you don't have to imagine four stage of. Music on City Hall Plaza, you just need to be there to experience it. Just like the event it's self, Boston Greenfest 2014 Music starts at 12noon and concludes at 10:00 PM Friday and Saturday and from Noon until 5:00 PM on Sunday.  Each stage has its own unique theme and schedule. A Green Soul Stage, an Eco Stage, a Family stage and a main stage. 

Since the event is multicultural, so is e music. In fact, it will be like taking a trip around the world all in the comfort of failure surroundings magical melody and international beats.

Being green is important for all of us. This event is not here to scare you or judge you for not sepporating the trash last week. Boston Greenfest 2014 will inform you and entertain you with music and much more. 

For the latest happenings and schedule updates, visit .

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Adventure Set Releases New EP

By Doug Ruffin
    Boston Music Coalition 

Last Thursday, I had a choice. I could sit around and complain about the Red Sox Or, head out to Fenway, drop in To Bill's Bar and catch an amazing local band, "Adventure Set". It was their EP release party, so this was a great time to see them perform the new songs live. The choice was obvious. ... I was adventurous and saw the band.

For the many thousands of us who already know this local band, you know it doesn't take an adventurous step to get in to Adventure Set Music. What? Not familiar with Adventure Set? It's time to get there. The group now comprised of, Mark Pothier and Ken Scales (who sounds a lot like Bowie) have been around since the eighties. They had some starts, stops and changes through the years but they have got a groove going and it's not likely to stop any time soon. In the early days, Adventure Set was introduced by then popular WBCN on air announcer and program director, "Oedipus" at The Rat. Remember that club? Their music has also been played on WBCN as well as WFNX.

When I talked to Adventure Set, I learned. a thing or two. First, Mark is the writer and Ken brings the writing to life. If you are in to EDM and for those in to Pop you are both in luck. Adventure set describes their sound as, "Electronic Dance Pop" they are hoping to get played on college radio first and look forward to being on the Kiss 108 and AMP Radio play lists. 

     "Cellophane" is the New single from Adventure Set

Even more important than that, Adventure set wants to get on your play list. The new EP, "Gazebo" is Hot! It includes four great tunes including, "Witness", "Paper Cut", "Come as you are" and the new single, "Cellophane". You can get the digital version for about three bucks or the physical CD for just $5 Not a lot to ask for great music from Adventure Set. 

Venture over to to add Aventure Set to your play list.

Want more information about Adventure Set? Visit

Monday, July 28, 2014

TWTF! What it means and why you should go

By Doug Ruffin
     Boston Music Coalition

TWTF is not an Internet radio station or the name of a new band. Although, let's face it, it sure sounds like boy band doesn't it? No, TWTF stands for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and  yeah, you guessed it, Friday. Why would you need to know these days of the week? Well .... It's the "Summer in the City" concert series. 

For the last sixteen years, the Boston Harbor Hotel has been presenting live Blues music. They have since added more live music genres outside, during the sunset hours at the Boston Harbor Hotel 70 Rowes Warth in Boston. 

What's the,"T"? The first T is for Tuesday. On Tuesday evenings, the Boston Harbor Hotel offers live Soul (R&B) music. Grab that W from the middle of the week and make it a rat pack night with your favorite live songs from Sanatra and more! The "B" in R&B stands for Blues so the second "T" Thursdays, are dedicated to the Blues. F stands for Friday. It's a great night for a classic movie. And ya' know what? A classic movie under the stars is an experience with a melody all it's own.

This amazing concert series is free to attend and runs through August 29.  You will want to get there by 6:00 PM. Here are a few examples  of the, "Summer in the City" concert series in August. Tuesday is Soul Night. On August 12, catch, "Good Will and Them Apples" Wednesday is Rat a Pack Night." Mike Dutry Stictly Sanatra Band" plays on August 20 during Wednesdays' Rat Pack Night. For great Blues, tap you foot to to the live music of James Montgomery on Blues night Thursday,
August 14 and end the summer with a classic movie under the stars with "West Side Story" on August /9.

Now that you know the TWTF code; Use it as your key to a summer of great music and classic movies under the stars. 

To get more information and to get  more  TWTF choices in July and August at the Boston Harbor Hotel, visit 

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Musical Note about The Boston Summer Arts Weekend July 26 & 27,2014

By Doug Ruffin
     Boston Music Coalition 

When you combine the excitement of the City of Boston with warm summer weather, it can only mean great music and arts festivals throughout the city and beyond. 

Copley Square in Boston is buzzing with excitement throughout the year. This weekend, July 26 & 27th, Copley square will be the center for a full weekend of live Arts and Music for the entire family (and no, not just the kids) but instead, a diverse fun filled weekend for everyone. Get ready, it's time for the third annual Summer Arts Weekend. 

The People who plan this event truly know how to make a free event for the entire family fun and interesting for all. Throughout the weekend, several local arts organizations and artists will perform on the Fountain Stage while on the main stage, family friendly performers take the stage starting at 11:00 AM while top music performers heat up the summer nights. Dance and party with The Soul Rebels topped off with Los Lobos on Saturday night and on Sunday, Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder end the weekend with a magnificent sunset concert. 

For a full schedule and additional information about this years free Summer Arts Weekend, visit 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Willie Sings The Blues This is a Boston Music Coalition Live Music Review

By: Doug Ruffin
      Boston Music Coalition 

Willie Nelson performed at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in Boston last month with Alison Krause and Union Station all on the same bill. Everyone who knows me understands what a dog I am for live music of all genres. Country music isn't my favorite genre but it's growing on me. Or rather, I'm growing to appreciate it more. Still, getting me to go to see Willie Nelson .... That's a stretch.

With opened mind, my girlfriend, and a great summer night, I was prepared for a Country concert And I promised not to laugh. Good thing,. Union Station and Alison Krause were truly entertaining. Excellent musicianship and great interactions with the audience. Song choices from both bands not only met with its target audience but entertained everyone, even me.

Soon it was time to see a living legend perform. Willie Nelson took the to stage and was met with cheers and great anticipation. But Willie Nelson, known for Countyr Music, pulled a few tricks from his musical sleeve. He and his band sang the blues. Not just that pop rock implied blues, but down home, feel the pain and take it to church blues. Some in the audience expecting Country music, sat with arched backs and folded arms. As for me, I was all about it and lookin' for my church fan. Willie Nelson exposed a lot of talent that night other than Country. But remember, a living legend knows his audience and Willie Nelson pleased his fans by singing, "On The Road Again" and several other traditional hits.. At last, the arms unfolded and his audiences leaned in to enjoy a great Country concert with a little blues for the soul. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


By: Nick Christophers 

NOTE: Nick Christophers is a returning BMCiReporter. To submit your own music-related article, please send it to 


We have seen through the past two decades how women have taken center stage in various industries, one of them being the music industry. Women like Neeta Ragoowansi, President of Women In Music, Roe Gallo, Product Manager, ADA Distribution/Warner Music Group and Christina Kotsamanidis Press Relations for Atlantic Records. Then there are women who serve the independent and up and coming artists hungry for success.

Lau Lapides happens to be an inspiration for women in the industry. She was always involved in  performing either dancing, acting in musicals then as an adult in Regional, Repertory, Stock Theatre and TV commercials on camera and voice over’s. Lau her 20’s was accepted into the nation’s top MFA acting program at the University of California. In turn, she was offered a full tuition scholarship. Along with the scholarship came a Teacher Assitantanship for her three year residency. She completed a BA in Acting from Bridgewater State University and MFA from UC, Irvine.

“There I really honed my acting craft and was exposed to the top level of teaching acting to undergraduates and directing projects for colleagues. I also was awarded an ArtsBridge Scholarship to go out into the community and teach high school Improvisation and Acting. It was boot camp for my soul and really solidified that I was making the perfect choice to have a career in the industry.”


Lau took the stage and realized how challenging acting is. She would then follow the same drive into spreading the knowledge of acting to others attempting to go into the industry. Lau became a teacher and held faculty positions at prestigious institutions like Boston University. As she progressed on this road she saw the need to offer her services on a larger scale. Lau would soon open her own company in 2009 based solely on coaching individuals entering the field of acting and singing.


The struggles and obstacles in the business are daily. As a matter of fact as of this writing they are celebrating their 5th year in business. Even though at this time of difficult economic climate the company still manages to get the word out about their top notch services. As a woman in a male dominated business she has come across the worry of being taken seriously or not. She has at times the need to be extra strong to deal with confrontation or negotiation. At the same time according to Lau it the best time to start a unique boutique studio. Her clients are chasing their dreams and she wants to see them achieve their goals.


Every day is a challenge to show up, put the key in the door and unlock it and walk through. It is the same challenge our clients face, it is a good challenge it helps us understand and empathize.


Lau has always had an entrepreneurs spirit since she was a child. She was surrounded by family of entrepreneurs her father had a thriving business for 50 years and taught her much of what she knows and utilizes today. Her mother was a bit of rebel in her time. She was a rarity as she decided to attendCollege in the 1950’s.  Her mother had a huge career as a social worker and family therapist guiding the lost and fixing the broken. Lau carries much of her spirit into the workplace.


The idea to start the company was actually 40 years in the making. The idea to start the company was born overnight. Lau even admits that her technical director, Mike Jablon often says to “out clients " Did you know we are an overnight success? Ittrue; we are a 40 year overnight success". 

“Our visions are vast and we are not afraid to dream. We think big and bold or we go home. We see ourselves continually growing as a global entity working with an international client base; we want to continue with to partner with top agents and casting directors in the industry, expand and detail our services in the training/coaching areas as well as production areas. We are slowly moving in the direction aiding more and more in casting projects helping talent manage their careers and developing high level astounding events. 

The company has produced some exceptional students who have moved into doing voice over’s on radio and TV to actors leading Broadway roles. They recently hosted a NY Actor/Voice Over Showcase and at least fourteen of them have been called for agent meetings or immediate auditions.

There are so many success stories that came out of lau lapides company it is too long to list. Examples are people like voice over artist Mike Pollack who has amassed a great track record. Mike could be heard on everything from commercials to popular cartoons.  His accomplishments include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesas Garbageman, Sonic the Hedgehog video games and Sonic X, as Dr. Eggman and Ella, andYu-Gi-Oh! GX as Bonaparte. Besides that he has also narrated shows like Pokémon and Marvel Motion comic adaptation of Astonishing X-Men.

Lau is always looking to build on her past success by developing new ideas for her clients. As she embarks on another stellar year she is far from accomplishing all she dreams of. The lau lapidescompany along with its leader are due for bigger and even brighter things.

by Nick Christophers





Sunday, June 22, 2014

A BBQ with Salt n Pepper

                               A BBQ with Salt-n-Pepa

               This is a Boston Music Coalition LIVE MUSIC REVIEW

By Doug Ruffin


      Boston Music Coalition 

The Phantom Gourmet BBQ is a summer highlight for many of us who live in Boston and look for great BBQ cookin' with even better Music. On Friday, June 20th; The three day food and music extravaganza at City Hall Plaza began with a concert featuring hip hop dual, "Salt-n-Pepa". 

The large crowd was there to have great BBQ served up with music. All ages and races assembled to have a great time in Boston on a Friday night. It seemed pretty natural to add Salt-n-Pepa to the mix with all that world wide BBQ flavor.  

Salt-n-Pepa could have just spit out some hip hop classics and be done with it. But Spindarella, the crew, the dancers as well as Salt n Pepper ain't goin' out like that. They were here to entertain and they delivered more. This was a show with a beginning, middle and end. Like a good play or movie; Salt-n-Pepa was here and opened the show by setting the scene. introducing hip hop as an art form and then asking the audience what they knew about classic RnB and Hip Hop from decades starting from the 60s til now. Once the scene for classic hip hop was set, Salt-n-Pepa rapped about a few crazy charactors. Guys who challenge women in relationships. It was presented in good fun and then moved forward to the next scene of woman empowerment. all without missing a single beat. Keepin' it real without one single four letter word. 

With all the fun at the expense of bad guys and the empowerment of women, Salt-n-Pepa moved the show in to a new chapter and admitted their weakness, "Men!" Performing huge hip hop hits like, "Shoop", "Push it" and many more. Salt-n-Papa invited not just one guy but two guys from the audience to dance on stage with Salt -n-Pepa. The guys had fun. The two gentlemen were cheered by the entire audience.

How do you end a show with so much empowerment for women, poking fun at the bad guys and the recognition of good men? Salt-n-Pepa  closed the show with inspiration for everyone. Rappin' to contemporary Gospel without being preachy. Salt-n-Pepa thanked their fans for keeping classic hip hop alive and Salt-n-Pepa music continuing for over twenty five years.               



Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Live Music this Summer

By Doug Ruffin
     Boston Music Coalition

Most cannot believe it and no one can feel it, but summer is upon us. No ... Really! Even if the weather refuses to heat up, the live music is hotter than ever!

Name a genre, its available somewhere this summer. Name a venue (indoors or out) and greater Boston has just the right place for live music. Live music will also invite sports to step a side this year at Fenway and Gellette Stadium.

From artists like lady Gaga, Billy Joel, Katy Perry, Rascal Flatts, Motley Crew, Future, One Direction and more.Live summer music is full steam ahead! I'm looking forward to all the local bands. What are you looking forward too? Comment and let us know.

What ever you like, We'll be on top of it this summer. Look for listings, reviews and interviews all summer long from the people who publicize live music, the Boston Music Coalition.


Friday, April 11, 2014

The Boston Music Coalition Live Music Weekend List

By  Doug Ruffin
     Boston Music Coalition

The Puritans have granted permission for Boston area adults to stay out like adults do and have extended Public Transit (The "T") hours on weekend nights until 2:30 AM.  And now that the weather is finally out of the 20s and 30s, it's a great weekend to go out, grab a bite, check out some live music and have your self a good time without that pesky mandated curfew.

Sidewalk Driver, Chick Corea and B B King are just a few of the live music choices you have this weekend. 

Friday  April 11, 2014

The Music:   Big Ben Hilman The Professor of FUNK
The Venue:  Toad - 1920 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA

The Music:   Elaine Elias
The Venue:  Scullers Jazz Club - 400 Soldiers Field Road, Boston, MA

The Music:  JP Beausoleil, Uncle Johnny's Band -
The Venue: Midway Cafe - 3496 Washington Street, Boston MA

The Music:  Trust, Mozart's Sister
The Venue:  Great Scott -1222 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston MA

Saturday, April 12, 2014 

The Music:  Drunken Logic, Midnight Snack
The Venue: Cafe 939 at Berklee - 939 Boylston Street, Boston, MA

The Music:  Duke Robillard Band
The Venue: Narrows Center For The Arts - 16 Anawan Street, Fall River, MA  

The Music:  Duppy Conquerors
The Venue: Lizard Lounge - 1667 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA 

The Music:  Manray
The Venue: Paradise Rock Club - 969 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA

Sunday April 13, 2014

The Music:  BB King
The Venue: Lynn Auditorium - 3 City Hall Square, Lynn, MA   

The Music:  Chick Corea 
The Venue: Wilbur Theatre - 106 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 

The Music:  Godflesh, Pharmakon
The Venue:  Club Royale - 275 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 

The Music:  Psychedelic Furs 
The Venue: The Sinclair - 52 Church Street, Cambridge, MA  


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's Spring! Enjoy the Music and Chill at Regattabar!

By: Doug Ruffin
      Boston Music Coalition

Take a look outside your window. See? The snow has melted. While it is still a bit brisk; Winter is most definitely over! Before Summer gets too crazy, How about a Spring Chill Concert with Anna Saeki from Japan at Regattabar, One Bennett Street in Cambridge, MA on Wednesday Night, March 26 '14 beginning at 7:30PM.If you are not aware of Anna Saeki's talent, You may want to catch up with what the rest of the world already knows.

Aware of Anna Saeki's talents or not, let me share what I know about this world class talent and then, we can all capture much more when we see her live at Regottabar on Wednesday night, March 26. First, (And you can't even begin to make this up in an art house film) Anna Saeki is from Japan and is a huge hit in Argentina.So big in fact, Anna Saeki beat out 20 contestants world wide in a tango contest. I know, Tango contests may not come to mind when you think about singers from Japan, but... wait, theirs more. Most of us experience music performers who are on their way to Carnegie Hall. Anna Saeki has been there and around the world. Next, Anne Seaki graces the air waves with her own radio show on several stations in Japan. Anne continues to lend her talents and giving spirit to the local communities in need throughout Japan. And wow! What a voice. She sings with a concept that is soothing so you can understand the words. Singing in such a soothing style is a rare concept these days and so far, Anna Saeki seems to own it. Last but not least ... Who knows? With such world class talent this world wide tour is only the beginning.

Those of us looking for a great musical journey will be ready to experience Anna Saeki on Wednesday night, March 26 at Regattabar. Will you?


Get More info About Anna Saeki Before before she performs on Wednesday.


Anna Saeki is On The Air!

Wonna Tango?

Music News From Around The World


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rock N Roll Rumble Class of 2014

By Angelle Wood 

Editors Note: Angelle Wood Host of the popular, "Boston Emissions with Angelle Wood" heard Sunday's starting at 10:00 PM on WZLX FM 100.7 in Boston. has submitted her announcement about the Rock N Roll Rumble Class of 2014 to the Boston Music Coalition. To submit your music-related articles and announcements, please send the article with links and your complete contact information to 

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This year marks 35 years of celebrating Boston and New England music. It is my 5th year as host and organizer. And is by far my most favorite accomplishment among my many years as a radio host and event organizer. 

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble is a time-honored tradition, a local institution, and the World Series of Boston Rock. More than anything it is a full-on 9-night party that consumes most of April and garners attention, press, cash, prizes, new fans, and lasting friendships for the bands involved. We walk away from it each year with amazing new friends. And sometimes a little #RumblePlague. Take your vitamins. 

The Rumble will once again take place at TT the Bear’s Place in scenic Central Square, Cambridge. TT’s recently celebrated 40 years of serving the music community and remains one of the only independent music venues around the city.

Sunday 4/6, 
Mon 4/7, Tues 4/8

*Off Wednesday for the traditional day of rest
Thurs 4/10, Fri 4/11, Sat 4/12

Semi-Finals are Thurs 4/17 and Fri 4/18 

Finals are Friday, April 25, 2014

I bring you the Rock 'n' Roll Rumble Class of 2014!

Await Rescue
The Color and Sound
Doom Lover
Emma Ate The Lion
Goddamn Draculas
Guillermo Sexo
Harris Hawk
The Life Electric 
Petty Morals
Tigerman WOAH
Vary Lumar
Western Education
When Particles Collide

Please visit the new, updated with the class of 2014 and complete with band info, bios, music links and social media links for you to like and follow. 

Please support these bands, please come to the Rumble!

Full Boat 9 Night passes remain at the discounted $60 price for now... Ticketweb link is here.

Anngelle Wood
Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood
Sundays at 10pm on 100.7 WZLX
Boston Emissions on Facebook | @BostonEmissions | Soundcloud 

      Wednesday, February 19, 2014

      Exclusive! Can Live Music and the Arts in Boston Grow with a Casino in Revere?

      By Doug Ruffin
           Boston Music Coalition 

      In an Exclusive interview regarding Live Music and the Arts in Greater Boston in relationship to a Casino in Revere; The Boston Music Coalition (BMC) talked with Both Chip Tuttle COO of Suffolk Downs and Gary Luderitz. Vice President of Operations And Development for Mohegan Sun.  We talked about the effects a Revere Casino could have on Live Music And the Arts in Greater Boston, The Election, The MBTA, and we also as, How can local Musicians get gigs at Mohegan Sun in Suffolk Downs? We start with Chip Tuttle. 

      BMC: How long have you been COO of Suffolk Downs and what was you vision for Suffolk Downs from your start? 

      Chip Tuttle: I was named chief operating officer of Suffolk Downs in August of 2007 after having previously served as the track’s Director of Marketing and Communications from 1992-1997.  Since returning, my job has been to guide our efforts to bring a world-class resort to our property and the community investment and economic benefits that would come with it.  At the same time, we have been working to preserve our 79-year-old racetrack and the livelihoods of the roughly 800 people who work at our facility during the racing season.

      BMC: How does Mohegan Sun fit in to your vision for Suffolk Downs? 

      Chip Tuttle: We are delighted to have Mohegan Sun as our partner.  Mohegan Sun provides us with the opportunity to develop a world-class destination resort on 42 acres of our property in Revere, while allowing us to keep our commitment to racing at our existing facility in East Boston.

      As the operator of the largest grossing casino in the Western Hemisphere, Mohegan Sun knows how to create and deliver an exciting experience for its guests that keep them coming back again and again. Mohegan Sun knows the New England market better than any other operator and will draw visitors from across the region and the country to a one of a kind destination resort that will include memorable shopping, dining and entertainment experiences that will complement the resort’s gaming and hotel facilities.

      We are very excited about the vision that Mohegan Sun has for this project and they share our commitment to making it something that the entire region can benefit from.

      It’s always been my experience that whenever you find a Casino, entertainment is likely to follow. What entertainment venues will be present at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Revere?

      Mohegan Sun Massachusetts has developed an exciting entertainment program to complement the offerings throughout Greater Boston and across the Commonwealth.  In the casino area, Mohegan Sun will provide a casino-style lounge that is similar to a small amphitheater.  For those who are familiar with the Mohegan Sun property in Connecticut, this will be similar to the Wolf Den.  This area would accommodate regional bands, music, videos, dancing and DJs.  Mohegan Sun Massachusetts will also feature a 1,000-seat multi-purpose room ideal for live entertainment. The resort casino will also feature clubs and nightlife, and additional information will be detailed in the coming months as partnerships are finalized.

      For larger scale entertainment, Mohegan Sun has commitments to collaborate with venues in the Greater Boston region and the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Mohegan Sun has entered into an agreement with the Citi Center for the Performing Arts to bring events to venues in Boston’s Theater District and the Strand Theatre, and to provide operational management at venues at Mohegan Sun Massachusetts. Mohegan Sun also has an agreement with the Massachusetts Coalition for the Performing Arts and will support a range of other live entertainment venues through cross-marketing, particularly when used with the Mohegan Sun Points Partnership Program.

      At this point; Gary Luderitz joins in the conversation

      BMC: What will the seating capacity be for each entertainment venue at Mohegan Sun at Suffolk Downs? 

      Gary Luderitz: The gaming legislation allows for seating capacities of less than 1,000 and more than 3,500.  The Wolf Den would fall under the less than 1,000 category.  Currently, there are no plans for a 3,500 plus venue.  Mohegan Sun is committed to partnering with larger venues in the area.

      BMC: Will entertainment include local or nationally known live music artists?

      Gary Luderitz: One of the many benefits of a resort of this size and scope is the ability to offer a wide range of entertainment, both local and national.  The amphitheater area will be a logical venue for local live music artists to perform, as will some of the nightclubs that would be on-site.

      BMC: How would a local musician gain gigs at Mohegan Sun at Suffolk Downs?

      Gary Luderitz: Mohegan Sun is committed to bringing a diverse program of arts and entertainment to its destination resort in Massachusetts, including local and regional talent.  Mohegan Sun will work with its partners, such as Citi Center, to create an exciting program of performances and entertainment.  Additional details on how local musicians can access opportunities at Mohegan Sun Massachusetts will be finalized in the coming months.

      BMC: What sort of entertainment-related full and part time positions would be available at Mohegan Sun?   

      Gary Luderitz: Mohegan Sun Massachusetts will generate 4,000 permanent jobs in a variety of fields, including hospitality, marketing and entertainment.

      BMC: Do you expect additional entertainment competition from greater Boston music venues once Mohegan Sun opens?

      Gary Luderitz: As a major tourist destination, Mohegan Sun will attract visitors from all over the northeast and the nation.  With this influx of visitors to the area, I would expect that the demand for live entertainment in the Greater Boston area would increase as other venues look to attract these visitors.  In some cases, Mohegan Sun will partner with these venues and drive guests there through its points program.

      BMC: Currently, The MBTA closes just after 12:30 AM. The Mohegan Sun Casino at Suffolk Downs is expected to be a 24 hour operation. Would you like the "T" to operate longer hours? What plans do you have to work with the MBTA to encourage longer hours on the "T" 

      Gary Luderitz: With the Beachmont T station literally steps away from the entrance to the resort, the T will be a tremendous asset in getting people to and from the resort safely while reducing volume on surrounding roadways.  Mohegan Sun would welcome the expansion of service and will continue to work with transportation officials on how to best serve visitors to the property and local residents alike with the goal of maximizing public safety and minimizing transportation impacts in the community.

      BMC: An election for Revere Residents to vote for or, against a Casino in Revere is set for February, 25th. Why should the entertainment community stand behind a Casino in Revere as apposed to a Casino in Everett or, anywhere else in Eastern Massachusetts? 

      Gary Luderitz: The development that Mohegan Sun is proposing on the Suffolk Downs property in Revere is based on extending the economic and tourism benefits of the resort to as many other local and regional interests as possible, including the entertainment industry.  Overall, Mohegan Sun is planning to spend $50 million annually on goods and services from regional businesses – far more than any other competing operator has committed to.

      In addition to the opportunities that would be available on site, Mohegan Sun will create a breadth of opportunities for area venues through its partnerships with other organizations, such as the one already established with the Citi Center for the Performing Arts.  As the leading name in gaming in New England, Mohegan Sun knows this market better than anyone.  Through its Momentum Points loyalty program, Mohegan Sun will encourage visitors to visit entertainment establishments in the region and use their points as currency at participating venues.

      BMC: What can people who love live music and the local entertainment community do if they support a Casino at Suffolk Downs? More importantly, if a Casino license is granted to Mohegan Sun at Suffolk Downs, What will you promise the entertainment community and the music loving public?

      First, if you live in Revere, you must to go the polls on Tuesday, February 25 and vote ‘Yes.’  For those who want the latest information on the proposal and ways to help, is a great resource.  You can sign up to receive regular email updates about the project and upcoming events.  I would also encourage everyone to watch Mohegan Sun’s presentation to the Gaming Commission from January 22, which is available on the Commission’s website.

      If Mohegan Sun earns a casino license, you can be sure that live music will be a regular entertainment offering and a variety of artists from diverse musical genres will be showcased.  Since the gaming law provides protection for venues with capacities of 1,000-3,500, I would expect those venues in the area to thrive as they look to attract visitors to Mohegan Sun.  Through its partnership programs, Mohegan Sun will seek to include local entertainment venues so that the entertainment community can share in the resort’s success.

      BMC: Thank you for meeting with us at the Boston Music Coalition. Would you be willing to return for another interview in the future?

      Chip Tuttle and Gary Luderitz: Certainly.  And thank you for giving us this opportunity.

      Sunday, February 9, 2014

      The Beatles Changed The Music World. So why not Free Publicity for Your Band?

      By: Doug Ruffin
            Boston Music Coalition

      As we celebrate the history of the live music performance of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show on CBS Television fifty years ago; Live music performances throughout the world before the Beatles and happening now, reminds us that live music on line, on TV and on stage has been and always will be the focal point of music in any genre of music.

      No Matter When, where or era lived in, technology of any kind can alter live music But never, so we hope, replace it.

      The Beatles played Suffolk Downs many moons ago and James brown performed at the old Boston Garden. It aired live on WGBH Channel 2 just like so many classical concerts at Symphony Hall aired live on Channel 2 many years before that.

      Memories of great performances come to life when a song is played and, when a band or artist is mentioned.

      To keep the images of live music from Boston's past alive and to identify with the live music of today and what has yet to be trending; The Boston Music Coalition will soon be changing the look of its web site and move forward with images of Greater Boston Bands and artists.

      To do this, we need your help. Bands and artists are invited to send photo images of recent performances. Please include your contact number and the name of the band or, stage name to

      While no one can promise success, this is a real opportunity for greater Boston musicians of all genres to gain valuable FREE promotion and publicity. It's not the cover of the Rolling Stone; and yet, The home page of the Boston Music Coalition could get musicians the attention needed for gigs and additional opportunities.  

      We look forward to hearing from all of you as a new year will bring a better Boston Music Coalition.

      Sunday, February 2, 2014


      by Chris Thor

      Editors Mote: The Boston Music Coalition invites you to become a BMCiReporter. Chris Thor submitted this article and we are happy to share it with you.  To submit your music article about a band, artist or, music event; Please submit your article with your name and contact information to 

      In the music game there are various ways a recording artist can build a reputation. One such way is to learn how to be diverse and crossover into different genres. Recording artists like Rihanna, Beyoncé and Chris Brown have done just that. Up-and-coming artist Tribal Saints has adopted that same philosophy. The founder of the group is Rob Liano whose background is rock. He was baptized in the rock music of the 80’s and 90’s but soon realized the potential of infusing his rock ‘n’ roll roots and percussive knowledge to the growing EDM movement.

      “I'm a rock drummer first, been on tour, TV and radio but always loved dance music and the pulse and energy it evokes. So I took my percussive knowledge and writing talent and poured that into what I'm doing with Tribal Saints.”

      The name Tribal Saints derived from the influence of rhythm and tribal beats combined with the positive vision of a saint which seemed fitting for what they wanted to accomplish through their music of uplifting groove driven tracks. Rob would eventually come in contact with Chris “The Greek” Panaghi, who has exceptional musical credits of his own. He would connect with Chris Panaghi through their love of music and together attend music industry events such as the Winter Music Conference.

      In 2011 Tribal Saints would be born when Rob re-connected with Chris “The Greek” Panaghi who offered a collaborative environment with Amathus Music. Since then Tribal Saints have collaborated and released two solid tracks with the Rev-Players that have created a wild buzz. The first release “Party (It’s Alright)” featuring the sultry voice of Joie Giordano was a club favorite and managed to receive airplay on College Radio Stations as well as Radio Mixshow support, even charting on Record Pools nationally. Their next release, “Moments Of My Broken Heart” is another banger which featured the talented vocals of Niki Torre. That release has seen similar results as well as receiving a tremendous social media buzz.

      “We have had great feedback, we're getting some good airplay and exposure and the artistry has been able to progress nicely.” the Tribal Saints reflect.

      The Tribal Saints are not only recording artists but also have been involved on the remix end. They have remixed releases from artists like: DJ Zilos, Sophia Cruz and Rev-Players. Their remixes have a distinctive tribal, percussive vibe which offers a floor banging groove that is their signature. Rob admits that working with different artists unlocks certain creativity other that working solo does not offer. He prides himself as a team player and likes how the Amathus Music record label provides solid support.

      Currently, Tribal Saints have collaborated with the powerhouse production team of Kosca and New York City native Doreen DeVore on the track “Celebrate”. This new release has pushed its way to the top right out of the box. Big support from the EDM community has propelled it onto the iTunes Dance Top Songs Sales Chart in the Top 50. They have been baptized in music and intend on blessing the masses with their talent!

      Tuesday, January 28, 2014

      Daft Punk and Teri Lyne Carrington Live Music Wins! Thank you WBUR

      By: Doug Ruffin
            Boston Music Coalition

      Congratulations to all of the winners of this years Grammy Awards. in

      Friday, January 17, 2014

      Passim: It's About The Music

      By: Doug Ruffin
           Boston Music coalition

      I love walking through Harvard Square. You can walk down the same street several times and you end up discovering something new that may have been there but you just didn't notice. 

      Passim (formally, Club 47 ) is a great night club for live music. Jazz, folk, and you name it. Passim has it. Just like Harvard Square, the charm of Passim is that no matter how many times you attend Passim, you may be surprised to find that Passim offers so much more.

      Passim is an institution. I know. Music institutions come and go. They leave the scene often because music institutions loose their focus. ... Usually Music.

      Not at Passim. More than a night club. And wow; What an epic club. Not in size, but in spectrum.  

      How can a night spot in Harvard square effect the entire music industry? The answer: Keeping it's focus on live music.

      You first have to realize that this is not some big business pretending to focus on music. Passim is, in fact, a 501c3 non profit. The Mission of Passim is to provide truly exceptional and interactive live music experiences for both performers and audiences, to nurture artists at all stages of their career, and to build a vibrant music community.

      I had a conversation with, the Executive Directer of Passim, Dan Hogon. He explained that Passim is, "a program of programs". Dan went on to explain the different music programs under the Passim umbrella. 

      To better understand the programs, Mr Hogon started by explaining that Passim gives grants to music artists to help build music careers. Since 2008, The Iguana music fund helped several bands and individual music performers from all around New England with grants ranging from $500 to $2,000. The reasons for the grants range from improvements to a practice space to a van for a band going on tour. Bands and artists interested in learning how to participate and gain grant money, can click on the links in the resource area of this blog. 

      Other programs include, the Passim school of music. Since 200, students can take classes in a fun and informal setting. Whats really great is that the Passim School of music works closely with the Passim nightclub. That offers opportunities for students to perform on the Passim Stage. 

      If you do not have solid plans for Memorial Day Weekend and / or Labor Day weekend, Consider joining in on the Passim campfire. New artists perform in such a relaxed manner, that its common for audience members to be pulled on stage a long side of the performing artists. Its lots of fun. 

      The Passim  Nightclub its self is amazing. They offer a Celtic Music Fest and Berklee students also perform there all in addition to an eclectic professional live music schedule. Food and drinks are served as well. 
      Passim offers a lot to listen to, a lot to see and so much more to experience. What ever you do. You'll find it better to stop in to Passim at 47 Palmer Street, Harvard Square, Cambridge.Because just walking by a nightclub ... just isn't enough.


      Harvard Square in Cambridge. Get the History and Latest News 

      Passim - Listen Experience Engage 

      Are You a Music Artist (or Band) in the New England Area? Need Funds to get to the Next Step? Find Out About the, "Aguana Music Fund" And How You can apply 
      Click Here: 

      Want to know who is getting funding their Music? 
      Click Here to find out: 

      How about a Music Class? 
      Take one (or, Two) Click Here: 

      How Can You Perform at the Passim Campfire? 
      Click Here: 

      Click Here to Get the Club Passim Concert Schedule  

      Della Mae is one of the many successful music artists who Received a grant from the Passim Iguana Music Fund. This Year, Della Mae is nominated for a Grammy. Take Listen to her Grammy Nominated Bluegrass CD.