Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Daft Punk and Teri Lyne Carrington Live Music Wins! Thank you WBUR

By: Doug Ruffin
      Boston Music Coalition

Congratulations to all of the winners of this years Grammy Awards. in

Friday, January 17, 2014

Passim: It's About The Music

By: Doug Ruffin
     Boston Music coalition

I love walking through Harvard Square. You can walk down the same street several times and you end up discovering something new that may have been there but you just didn't notice. 

Passim (formally, Club 47 ) is a great night club for live music. Jazz, folk, and you name it. Passim has it. Just like Harvard Square, the charm of Passim is that no matter how many times you attend Passim, you may be surprised to find that Passim offers so much more.

Passim is an institution. I know. Music institutions come and go. They leave the scene often because music institutions loose their focus. ... Usually Music.

Not at Passim. More than a night club. And wow; What an epic club. Not in size, but in spectrum.  

How can a night spot in Harvard square effect the entire music industry? The answer: Keeping it's focus on live music.

You first have to realize that this is not some big business pretending to focus on music. Passim is, in fact, a 501c3 non profit. The Mission of Passim is to provide truly exceptional and interactive live music experiences for both performers and audiences, to nurture artists at all stages of their career, and to build a vibrant music community.

I had a conversation with, the Executive Directer of Passim, Dan Hogon. He explained that Passim is, "a program of programs". Dan went on to explain the different music programs under the Passim umbrella. 

To better understand the programs, Mr Hogon started by explaining that Passim gives grants to music artists to help build music careers. Since 2008, The Iguana music fund helped several bands and individual music performers from all around New England with grants ranging from $500 to $2,000. The reasons for the grants range from improvements to a practice space to a van for a band going on tour. Bands and artists interested in learning how to participate and gain grant money, can click on the links in the resource area of this blog. 

Other programs include, the Passim school of music. Since 200, students can take classes in a fun and informal setting. Whats really great is that the Passim School of music works closely with the Passim nightclub. That offers opportunities for students to perform on the Passim Stage. 

If you do not have solid plans for Memorial Day Weekend and / or Labor Day weekend, Consider joining in on the Passim campfire. New artists perform in such a relaxed manner, that its common for audience members to be pulled on stage a long side of the performing artists. Its lots of fun. 

The Passim  Nightclub its self is amazing. They offer a Celtic Music Fest and Berklee students also perform there all in addition to an eclectic professional live music schedule. Food and drinks are served as well. 
Passim offers a lot to listen to, a lot to see and so much more to experience. What ever you do. You'll find it better to stop in to Passim at 47 Palmer Street, Harvard Square, Cambridge.Because just walking by a nightclub ... just isn't enough.


Harvard Square in Cambridge. Get the History and Latest News 

Passim - Listen Experience Engage 

Are You a Music Artist (or Band) in the New England Area? Need Funds to get to the Next Step? Find Out About the, "Aguana Music Fund" And How You can apply 
Click Here: http://passim.org/about-fund 

Want to know who is getting funding their Music? 
Click Here to find out: http://passim.org/past-winners 

How about a Music Class? 
Take one (or, Two) Click Here: http://passim.org/about-school 

How Can You Perform at the Passim Campfire? 
Click Here: http://passim.org/campfire-festival 

Click Here to Get the Club Passim Concert Schedule

Della Mae is one of the many successful music artists who Received a grant from the Passim Iguana Music Fund. This Year, Della Mae is nominated for a Grammy. Take Listen to her Grammy Nominated Bluegrass CD.     


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's a Bird, It's a Plane .. It's Beyonce in Boston 

By: Doug Ruffin
      Boston Music Coalition 

I read a Comic strip several years ago. The first frame showed signs up in a big City saying, "He's Coming!"; the next frame showed a large crowd of people entering a venue and the marque read, "He's Here!" The last frame showed an audience seated only to see posted on a large screen, "He's Gone!" 

Keep that in mind as you read this article. 

The Hype, excitement and buzz of Christmas took a back seat to anticipation of the Mrs Carter Tour coming to Boston. Yes, Beyonce was indeed coming to Boston to perform at the TD Garden. Tickets are costly, but it will be worth it to see Beyonce Live! 

Imagine the night of December 20th. Her audience walking tall in to the TD Garden wearing huge smiles and the latest fashions. Just after eight the lights dim and a teaser band comes out to warm up the audience who was already hot with excitement for Beyonce. The singer, honestly, I can't remember his name, kept the buzz alive stating, "Beyonce is Here!" The sold out Garden cheered and patiently applauded the warm up singer. Gee, What was that guys name? 

After the warm up, it was time for Beyonce. Better grab your concession now! It'll start in any minute. You know ... Soon ... ten minutes ... twenty minutes... O'kay these things happen, but now its an hour. you ask your self. with such a huge concert starting late, will the T be running at the end of the show? Suddenly the lights dim and the spotlights hit the stage and the stage is transformed in to Beyonce Land! after a five minute short film about Beyonce as she succeeds around the world; Beyonce appears to a screaming crowd. The band plays loud to the point of distortion, But Beyonce has a voice that is strong enough to stand out far beyond the distorted music and visual effects. 

And look! Beyonce can fly! She flew above the audience and performed on a second stage. a smart move that allows more of her audience to actually see her. At one point she steps in to the audience to greet her fans. Not only can beyonce sing in any enviorment, but honestly, she is a class act. Beyonce released a digital only album the week she performed in Boston and as an example of the true class act she is. Beyonce thanked the audience for responding so well to the new album release. 

Beyonce sang many of her hits covering both R&B and crossover chart toppers. she sang happy birthday to those celebrating a birthday, and then ..... Beyonce was gone. 

The Beyonce performance was less than ninety minutes long. that doesn't count all the film clips that ate up performance time that kept popping up throughout the show. 

This would make a great HBO special. but the live audience left with question marks on their faces rather than smiles. I'll bet the question was, " was this concert worth the high cost of admission?"