Thursday, April 7, 2011

CD Release and a Stop in Boston for DJ Tiesto

By Doug Ruffin

In case you didn’t know, dance music and DJ culture continues to grow in popularity all over Boston and throughout the world. Hip hop, pop and alternative music artists including U2 are reaching out to dance music producers and are successfully cranking out hits faster than the beats per minute rhythmic pace of most dance music songs. Today’s top DJ brings a culture of world class stardom with major tours and a long with it, an even busier production schedule. DJs not only spin records but artistically blend the songs together and alter the speed of the song to allow one record to blend in with the next. That artistry has made it near mandatory for a top DJ to produce hits for other music talent or use the electronic energy from other music sources to “Remix” an existing song and make it, “danceable”.

That said, the most popular DJ in the world is Tiesto. And This Grammy-nominated DJ / Producer was here in Boston at Club Royale, 279 Tremont Street Boston, (April 5-6) in conjunction with the release of his latest Mix CD and to rave-up the dance scene in Boston. At a time when economics can challenge ticket sales for many performers in all music genres, DJ Tiesto sold out Club Royale not just once but two
consecutive nights … quickly.    

Tiesto was born, Tijs Verwest in Holland on January 17, 1969. In the 90s, Tiesto gained popularity while DJing at a Dutch dance club called, “Spock”. He also perfected his music production skills and began working with the now legendary dance music record lable, “Black Hole Recordings”. In 2003, Tiesto broke DJ barriers and performed to sell out stadiums throughout the world. That following year, Tiesto DJed the opening ceremony of the 2004 Olympics.

Tiesto continues to perfect his craft and spins in clubs, stadiums and produces for him self and others. You’ll excuse the plug, but Tiesto’s latest CD, “ClubLife Las Vegas Volume one” is available in stores and online now.

Get a taste of the “ClubLife” on Tiesto’s official YouTube Channel


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