Tuesday, October 11, 2011

She has talent. She can sing and she cares deeply for the community. Shea Rose!

By Doug Ruffin
Boston Music Coalition

I attended Phenomena 2011 on Saturday. It was a swanky fundraiser for, Christopher’s Haven, a local charity that helps children and their families facing cancer. The event was held at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline.

The event offered not just one but two fashion shows, good food, great wine, terrific networking and a phenomenal songstress; Shea Rose. Shea is elegant, clear, diverse, strong and smooth. Shea Rose performed for the lucky attendees at Phenomena 2011 on Saturday.

Shea Rose  "Light Fades"

After her performance, Shea Rose came over to our Boston Music Coalition VIP Table. I took the opportunity to discuss her performance as it related to the fundraiser. She first told me, “The creative arts is one of the most powerful platforms we can use to inform our society, connect and inspire our  communities and raise awareness about social issues that affect our world at large.” Not knowing what to expect out of her, I told her laughingly that I felt that the statement she made was deep; and Shea Rose looked up at me and smiled warmly with true sincerity in her eyes. At that very moment knew that a star will indeed emerge from Boston. When I asked Shea, How she enjoyed singing at this swanky fund raiser event? She instantly replied, “I'm honored to perform at the Bless By Bless Charity Gala and to be amongst other creative artists who also aspire to impact humanity in a positive way with their art.” I loved what she said and how she stated it. Who wouldn’t? What I like about talking with Shea Rose is that her answers were not in a prepared statement. She answered me on the spot and was gracious enough to stop by after singing from her heart to speak from the bottom of her heart. And for that, I thanked her.

                                                           Shea Rose  "Free Love"

                                                             Shea Eose "I'm The Sh*t"

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