Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Natalie Cole: This is a Boston Music Coalition Live Music Revie

By Doug Ruffin
      Boston Music Coalition

Almost everything in life can have a musical accompaniment. For example, the musical story for the realities of the street is found in some Hip Hop. Youthful upbeat City life has a dance / pop rhythm. Many countries and regions around the world are often represented by the traditional music that accompanies their culture.   

What would then be the musical accompaniment of a celebration of fifty years of legendary service to the greater Boston Community from Action for Boston Community Development?

When you think of what is quality, who is legendary and a musical standard for the years; Natalie Cole is clearly the musical accompaniment to the Action for Boston Community Developments’ (ABCD) 50th Anniversary Gala held a few weeks ago in the Grand Ballroom of the Marriot at Copley Place in Boston.

Natalie Cole took the audience of over 1,200 dinner guests through a musical journey. Songs she learned as a little girl, the standards she loves and how the memory of her Father is truly, “unforgettable”. Natalie Cole was comfortable in the setting the Marriot Grand Ballroom provided. That ease of comfort translated to Natalie’s warm and soothing voice that covered the room like your favorite quilt. The live band performed well with Natalie Cole. The band played every note with the emotion that each song called for; as the band fell in tune with every song Natalie Cole sang. 

Natalie Cole and her band hit all the right notes and ABCD has the right keys for future success in the community.


Natalie Cole       www.nataliecole.com   

ABCD              www.bostonabcd.org

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