Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's Spring! Enjoy the Music and Chill at Regattabar!

By: Doug Ruffin
      Boston Music Coalition

Take a look outside your window. See? The snow has melted. While it is still a bit brisk; Winter is most definitely over! Before Summer gets too crazy, How about a Spring Chill Concert with Anna Saeki from Japan at Regattabar, One Bennett Street in Cambridge, MA on Wednesday Night, March 26 '14 beginning at 7:30PM.If you are not aware of Anna Saeki's talent, You may want to catch up with what the rest of the world already knows.

Aware of Anna Saeki's talents or not, let me share what I know about this world class talent and then, we can all capture much more when we see her live at Regottabar on Wednesday night, March 26. First, (And you can't even begin to make this up in an art house film) Anna Saeki is from Japan and is a huge hit in Argentina.So big in fact, Anna Saeki beat out 20 contestants world wide in a tango contest. I know, Tango contests may not come to mind when you think about singers from Japan, but... wait, theirs more. Most of us experience music performers who are on their way to Carnegie Hall. Anna Saeki has been there and around the world. Next, Anne Seaki graces the air waves with her own radio show on several stations in Japan. Anne continues to lend her talents and giving spirit to the local communities in need throughout Japan. And wow! What a voice. She sings with a concept that is soothing so you can understand the words. Singing in such a soothing style is a rare concept these days and so far, Anna Saeki seems to own it. Last but not least ... Who knows? With such world class talent this world wide tour is only the beginning.

Those of us looking for a great musical journey will be ready to experience Anna Saeki on Wednesday night, March 26 at Regattabar. Will you?


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