Sunday, June 22, 2014

A BBQ with Salt n Pepper

                               A BBQ with Salt-n-Pepa

               This is a Boston Music Coalition LIVE MUSIC REVIEW

By Doug Ruffin


      Boston Music Coalition 

The Phantom Gourmet BBQ is a summer highlight for many of us who live in Boston and look for great BBQ cookin' with even better Music. On Friday, June 20th; The three day food and music extravaganza at City Hall Plaza began with a concert featuring hip hop dual, "Salt-n-Pepa". 

The large crowd was there to have great BBQ served up with music. All ages and races assembled to have a great time in Boston on a Friday night. It seemed pretty natural to add Salt-n-Pepa to the mix with all that world wide BBQ flavor.  

Salt-n-Pepa could have just spit out some hip hop classics and be done with it. But Spindarella, the crew, the dancers as well as Salt n Pepper ain't goin' out like that. They were here to entertain and they delivered more. This was a show with a beginning, middle and end. Like a good play or movie; Salt-n-Pepa was here and opened the show by setting the scene. introducing hip hop as an art form and then asking the audience what they knew about classic RnB and Hip Hop from decades starting from the 60s til now. Once the scene for classic hip hop was set, Salt-n-Pepa rapped about a few crazy charactors. Guys who challenge women in relationships. It was presented in good fun and then moved forward to the next scene of woman empowerment. all without missing a single beat. Keepin' it real without one single four letter word. 

With all the fun at the expense of bad guys and the empowerment of women, Salt-n-Pepa moved the show in to a new chapter and admitted their weakness, "Men!" Performing huge hip hop hits like, "Shoop", "Push it" and many more. Salt-n-Papa invited not just one guy but two guys from the audience to dance on stage with Salt -n-Pepa. The guys had fun. The two gentlemen were cheered by the entire audience.

How do you end a show with so much empowerment for women, poking fun at the bad guys and the recognition of good men? Salt-n-Pepa  closed the show with inspiration for everyone. Rappin' to contemporary Gospel without being preachy. Salt-n-Pepa thanked their fans for keeping classic hip hop alive and Salt-n-Pepa music continuing for over twenty five years.               



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