Monday, July 28, 2014

TWTF! What it means and why you should go

By Doug Ruffin
     Boston Music Coalition

TWTF is not an Internet radio station or the name of a new band. Although, let's face it, it sure sounds like boy band doesn't it? No, TWTF stands for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and  yeah, you guessed it, Friday. Why would you need to know these days of the week? Well .... It's the "Summer in the City" concert series. 

For the last sixteen years, the Boston Harbor Hotel has been presenting live Blues music. They have since added more live music genres outside, during the sunset hours at the Boston Harbor Hotel 70 Rowes Warth in Boston. 

What's the,"T"? The first T is for Tuesday. On Tuesday evenings, the Boston Harbor Hotel offers live Soul (R&B) music. Grab that W from the middle of the week and make it a rat pack night with your favorite live songs from Sanatra and more! The "B" in R&B stands for Blues so the second "T" Thursdays, are dedicated to the Blues. F stands for Friday. It's a great night for a classic movie. And ya' know what? A classic movie under the stars is an experience with a melody all it's own.

This amazing concert series is free to attend and runs through August 29.  You will want to get there by 6:00 PM. Here are a few examples  of the, "Summer in the City" concert series in August. Tuesday is Soul Night. On August 12, catch, "Good Will and Them Apples" Wednesday is Rat a Pack Night." Mike Dutry Stictly Sanatra Band" plays on August 20 during Wednesdays' Rat Pack Night. For great Blues, tap you foot to to the live music of James Montgomery on Blues night Thursday,
August 14 and end the summer with a classic movie under the stars with "West Side Story" on August /9.

Now that you know the TWTF code; Use it as your key to a summer of great music and classic movies under the stars. 

To get more information and to get  more  TWTF choices in July and August at the Boston Harbor Hotel, visit 

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