Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blog Series Part 2; Get Ready for the Music at Boston GreenFest 2011: Mamadou

By Doug Ruffin
Boston Music Coalition

Do you want to see another local band or, gain a memorable music experience? If you decided on the ladder; get ready to attend Boston GreenFest 2011 on August 18 – 20 at City Hall Plaza in Boston; Because Mamadou is gonna take good care of you.  

Lead singer, Mamadou Diop, a West African Guitarist and drummer, heads up a world class group of musical professionals whose influences include West African World Fusion, Reggie, Afro Beat and world influences from West Africa to the states with Rumba, Sumba and Salsa blended up all in the mix. And it works. Not because of the way they craft the music, But because the blend is honest, real and natural.

It is fitting that Mamadou is playing at Boston GreenFest 2011. Like the festival it’s self. The music is epileptic. The festival is about being green and to be green you need to respect what is natural. The Mamadou experience is a magnificent and natural musical high.   

Click Here To Catch a Music Video from Mamadou

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