Monday, August 1, 2011

Milly Quezada Lights up City Hall Plaza in Boston. This is a Boston Music Coalition Live Music Review

By Doug Ruffin
Boston Music Coalition

Much has been researched to find alternative sources of energy. I would invite these prospectors to attend a Milly Quezada concert. She is the embodiment of pure energy.

One does not need to know the Spanish language to gain the feeling in each and every song. As a performer, Milly Quezada draws in the audience with her showmanship and sense of humor. She is extremely welcoming. Milly asks her audience in English, “Where are my English speaking people? Where are my Spanish speaking people? Where are my people over 50?” and, “Where are my people 50 and younger?” The cheers get louder and she instantly bursts with a power supply of music and stage performance that will light up the stage, the city and most of all, your life.

If Milly is the power supply, her band and back up singers are the earth’s core of which her energy is derived. Percussion, String and Wind instruments with highly charged back up singers blend easily together so that Milly Quezada, the queen of Meringue, can use her voice to transform the core in to the most powerful and valuable source of energy. … Music!

 Milly Quezada 

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