Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Introducing: Music Beat by the Boston Music Coalition: A Recap of the Boston Music Awards 2011.

Doug Ruffin
Boston Music coalition

I am happy to announce that we took one more step towards launching a full time music channel. We are doing this since local news media loves local music and it’s related events but has found it difficult to add space and time for it. Since the Boston Music Coalition publicizes live music, we are building our own entertainment media.

This latest step adds to the music video show, “Nightlife Nexus”. We will soon officially launch “Music Beat” to provide informative programming about Boston Music Events, interviews, reviews and more. Please click on the link below to a see sneak preview of, “News Beat by the Boston Music Coalition” This preview is a short recap of the Boston Music Awards 2011. We’ll soon be creating a full length version of the Music Beat Newscast. 


Visit You tube www.youtube.com and search Music Beat by the Boston Music coalition.

Local media still has room for music news. Since I promised a list of the winners from the Boston Music Awards 2011, here is the link below from the Boston Herald Newspaper.


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