Monday, April 2, 2012

A Message from the President: Live from Together Boston in Cambridge

By Doug Ruffin
     Boston Music Coalition

This is an exciting time for me. While all of us at the Boston Music Coalition support all genres of music, I have a strong passion for dance / electronic music. Think disco for the new millennium. Or, listen to the direction of most pop music these days, Alternative music, Hip Hop and acid jazz and yeah, you pretty much can see and hear that dance is what’s happening today. It’s not a passing fad as the trend has been strong in the mainstream for three years now with no end in sight.

Music people have just come from SXSW in Austin and the Winter Music Conference in Miami. Enter in the third regional music extravaganza of the season and its here in the Cambridge / Boston Area. It’s Together Boston. Combining music, art and technology, my friend, David Day, is celebrating the third year of Together Boston. This time, with central headquarters on 579A
Massachusetts Avenue
, in
Central Square, Cambridge
, I attended Monday’s press conference to launch the Together Boston week long festival April 2nd through April 8th. Each year gets bigger and this year is the best. A well planned out and organized launch event with good food, networking and music. Plus a panel that included Cambridge City Government, Boston Press and Music Professionals moderated by David Day him self.

The easy way out would be to promo the Together Boston events that are to take place this week. Instead, the panel at the launch event Monday, went far beyond promotional opportunities and discussed how the City of Cambridge embraced the Together Boston Festival and hopes to work with Boston to make Together Boston the regions SXSW event of New England. The location, the talent, and solid economics are in place. Everyone agreed that a regional music conference can be the future of Together Boston in a few short years.

The Boston Music Coalition will be live in
Central Square, Cambridge
all this week at the Together Headquarters to bring you the panels, the music, the art and technology that combine to make Together Boston a spectacular event! Did I mention that I have a strong passion for dance / electronic music?

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