Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Want to dress up to dine out and waltz to the music? Then you’d better not plan on hangin’ out with me at Dick’s Last Resort!

By Doug Ruffin
     Boston Music Coalition

Sorry bud; but if ya’ want to go to a proper place to dine out don’t come lookin’ for me when I’m on my way to Dick’s Last Resort. My girl friend and I went to the Big Apple Circus this past weekend and we were in the mood to clown around and grab some grub in Boston’s Faneuil Hall area. Dick’s Last Resort was the perfect choice for us. Why? For one thing, we are not proper or stuffy. Oh, we know how to be proper but we just were not in the mood for it. Two; we don’t have a negative attitude and dumped our ego’s in the Charles River some fifty odd years ago. If ya’ have not dumped your ego and that stuffy high horse attitude you’ll probably not make it at Dick’s Last Resort. And three? Well…, we just came from the Big Apple Circus. Where the hell else are we gonna go?   

When we got there we were greeted by smiling Dick’s last Resort staff who welcomed us while the fun pulsating music opened the doors to an energetic atmosphere. Since we can take a good joke, we were able to take our waiter, Jason, and laugh throughout the night. I’m not sure what I liked more. Our waiter, Jason’s fun style or the reactions to his style. Our table was next to a large party of twenty somethings who thought they were to cool for school. Oh yeah, They had the perfect clothes and the trending phones. But they sat around with their backs all arched back nibbling on salad and not saying too much to one another. Jason reminded them what kind of place Dick’s Last Resort is; But did they listen?  We did, and we watched and we laughed some more. Sorry, but the whole scene was funny. J  Jason made a big paper hat for me and wrote  that I was, “Turned on by Betty White” Gee, How’d he know that? He mad another hat for my girl friend and wrote on it that she was a, “retired pole dancer”. Again I ask, How’d they know that? Obviously, we, at least, can take a joke. J 

What’s great is that the entertainment didn’t stop there. Keep in mind this is in fact a music blog. I like pointing out places to find live music. Well it’s just your luck that Dick’s Last Resort is one of them. On the night we were there, a group called, “Classic Traxx” kept the party rockin’ through the night. Live Music is offered on most weekend nights ( Friday, Saturday and occasionally on Sundays starting around 8:00 PM.) This weekend, check out live music at Dick’s Last Resort. On Friday Nate Walkins performs and on Saturday, Party with Radio Daze. Any time ya’ want to party down and grab some grub; loose the stuffy attitude, stop arching your back and when you are ready to talk and laugh about anything that isn’t trending, You be sure to give me a call and I’ll meet ya a Dick’s Last Resort.       


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