Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Boston Music Coalition provides Coverage of Outside the Box.
 A music and arts festival happening now in Boston

 Boston – July,16’3013: The Boston Music Coalition has gained full press access to the Outside the Box arts festival happening now through and including July 21rst. The Citywide event got underway last Saturday. Beginning immediately, The Boston Music Coalition will report on the overall events, Interview bands and review live performances.

Outside the Box 2013 is described as Boston’s inaugural nine day summer performing arts festival event free and open to the public. It showcases both local and international musicians, dancers, Theatre Groups and more.


Boston Music Coalitions President, Doug Ruffin, starts our blog coverage now.

 It’s 6:15 PM, currently 80 and hot here at the Boston Common. But that hasn’t stopped people from attending Outside the Box events throughout the Boston Common today. In fact, Officials from Outside the Box report this evening that to date, over one hundred Thousand people have attended the festival events so far this week.   

As Country group, Lonestar, prepares to perform in just a few minutes at 6:30
At the beacon stage here on the Boston Common; here is just one music review of the many events taking place today here at Boston Common.

The Dunwells, from England, bring on the musical heat during a hot afternoon as part of the Outside the Box festival in Boston.

This is a Boston Music Coalition; Special Live Music Review.

By Doug Ruffin
     Boston Music coalition

When I read the media kit description of, The Dunwells at this afternoons’ Outside the Box Festival, I had no idea what I was in for. It described the music of this band from England as a blend of acoustic and electronic roots music. How was that going to play out? Well the album is considered stunning and The Dunwells, two Brothers and some cousins, are as the media kit says, “Utterly Natural”.

The acoustic and the electric guitars sings a melody that will remind you of the single note areas of a Santana song or the guitar licks from the Isley Brothers remake of, “Summer Breeze”. But it’s the singing performance harmonies by The Dunwells that are completely unmatched in any genre of music today! The words to each song are clear and easy to understand. Each instrument performed by the band provides emotion to the story the song is telling. It all adds up to great music not easily produced, but connecting well with any member of any audience. 


More reviews and updates to come. from the Outside the Box Festivaal in Boston  

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