Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Live! Recap of the Outside the Box Festival from the Boston Music coalition.

By Doug Ruffin
     Boston Music Coalition

Please try not to mistake me for a top 40 radio announcer, but I have to tell you that much more music is on the way. I say that because while we accept the end of the Outside the Box festival in Boston; Boston is rich in great music talent and venues where they perform. So stay tuned … Oh, here I go again with the top 40 thing... stay tuned to this blog for several new live music events.

Just as the greater Boston area is rich in music talent, greater Boston enjoys a wealth of diversity. Combine the two and you get the amazing live instrumental and vocal performances of Women of the World. This group of women who met at Berklee School of Music in 2008 found a way to brilliantly take the musical sounds of the world and take the audience to any region this bands chooses to take you. It’s up to the audience to hold on, let loose and enjoy the ride as Women of the world bring you the musical pulse of the world.

Music of the World performed on the last day of the Outside the Box Festival in Boston on Sunday at City Hall Plaza. After an extraordinary musical tour the Boston Music Coalition landed an interview with Women of the World.

BMC (Boston Music Coalition): What countries did you take us to this afternoon?

Women of the World: Oh goodness, Haiti, Greece and France to name a few

BMC: I must say; that French café song you invited the audience to interact with you had me singing a long with you.

Women of the World: That’s great, that’s what we want you to do.

BMC: Tell me. Who is the lead singer of Women of the World?

Women of the World: We have no lead singers. We are a group. We take turns with lead vocals and we share performance ideas.

BMC: Your group, Women of the World, is made up of 10 women from all over the world. Where are you based?    

Women of the World: Boston. In fact, one is a student at Berklee and another one of us teaches at Berklee.

BMC: Musically speaking; What countries or world genres would you like to discover and perform?

Women of the World: That’s hard to answer. .. I mean … with so many counties and cultures … I would have to say Arabic … Hawiian so many more.

BMC: You mentioned Arabic music. Things are changing fast musically in the entire middle east. Electronic Dance Music radio stations are all over the middle east now, Last years number one singer in Iraq cam from Isreal and in some middle eastern countries, moany college aged kids demand English lyrics from live performers at night clubs. What kind of Arabic music do you hope to perform?

Women of the World.: We want to present the musical tradition of the culture from what ever country we are performing.

NOTE: In addition to a new CD, Women of the World will head to New York City for the 92nd Street workshop. Through music, Women of the World will have the opportunity to teach students music styles and more related to music.       

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