Sunday, September 8, 2013

I’m serious! You Need to Go Tonight!

By Doug Ruffin
     Boston Music Coalition

If you are a music professional, close the guitar case for a moment and take a good look inside your refrigerator. Need a gig? 

You are a strong supporter of the arts. Hate it when the opera stage goes dark?

The Stone Temple Pilots perform tonight at The House of Blues. Before you head out to Kenmore Square, please join music, arts fans and professionals at the Emerson Paramount Center.559 Washington Street, Boston MA. Monday September 9, starting at 7:00 PM sharp. To find out where the Boston Mayoral Candidates stand on issues related to the arts. Register Free  I’m serious, you need to go tonight.

You know how Roberta Flack performed a few weeks ago at City Hall Plaza? Can we be sure that the next Mayor will commit to a diverse mix of free summer concerts at City Hall Plaza And the Neighborhoods in the years that follow?  Will the next Mayor work with the State legislators to encourage the T to run later at night so that when you go to a concert or decide to stay for the second set of a live band you like; you can do so without having to keep one eye on the band and the other eye on the time in fear of missing the last train at 12:40? How would a casino affect existing music venues in Boston?

In one way or another, music fans and music professionals discuss this nearly every day. Well, now is the time to stop grumbling about it and let your voice be heard.

The Boston Music Coalition is working with others in music and the arts to get the arts community to a show our strength in numbers to let the Boston Mayoral candidates know that we have stopped grumbling and we have something to say! If you love music, the arts or need a gig; register free,

Yeah, I’m serious. You need to go! 


The Emerson Paramount Center
559 Washington Street Boston, MA

Attend Free! Register Now!

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