Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Love Live Music? Love The Arts? Please Read, Please Act and Go!

By Doug Ruffin
Boston Music Coalition

Joyce Kulhawik wrote an important article on her, “Joyce’s Choices” web site. We got direct permission from Joyce Kulhawik to reprint the article. After you read the article, Please find an important update below. Click on our resources and help us fill the Paramount Center on September 9th. 

From Joyce Kulhawik:

Joyce's Choices - Movies, Theaters, Reviews

Posted: 27 Aug 2013 10:05 PM PDT

OUTRAGEOUS. Look what the HERALD, NECN, and SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY have done-- scheduled a TV MAYORAL DEBATE at exactly the same day/time that MassCreative's Mayoral Forum on the Arts, Culture and Creativity has been scheduled at the Paramount Center! Seven candidates have already committed to the Forum, organized 10 weeks ago by MassCreative's Create the Vote-- and we are asking those candidates to keep their promise. So far candidates Marty Walsh, Bill Walczak, John Barros, and Michael Ross said they would honor their commitment and attend--see Ed Siegel's splendid post today. The arrogant decision made by the above mentioned Boston Media Consortium to set the conflicting date is a truly nasty way to deal with the arts community in this town and further evidence of the low regard in which we are held in some quarters. The arts community needs your voice now! Please spread the word to friends, followers, arts lovers and ask for their support in encouraging all the candidates to attend the Arts Forum as promised!  Matt Wilson executive director of MassCreative has listed 3 things you can do right now to make our Forum a success: 1) Send an email or make a quick call to the candidates thanking them for committing to the Create the Vote Candidate Forum. (See below for contact info.) 2) Tweet your concern about the media consortium's decision to schedule their event at the last minute to conflict with our event.  Suggested tweets: Not happy that @NECN @BostonHerald @Suffolk_U r planning debate same day/time as #CreatetheVote #BosMayor forum! http://ow.ly/ojIwX Then follow it with this: Ask #BosMayor candidates to keep promise to attend #CreatetheVote forum! http://ow.ly/ojIwX #bospoli 3) Redouble our efforts to pack the Paramount (600 seats!) by sending out an email and social media alerts to recruit your constituents and audiences to the Forum.  Let's fill the Paramount and show the candidates that the creative community has the ear of the voters. Candidate Contacts: Arroyo 857-400-VOTE (8683) campaign@felixarroyo.com Barros 617-860-2832/617 936-7180 john@barrosforboston.com Conley 617-227-2013 – info@danconleyformayor.com (HAS NOT YET COMMITTED TO ATTEND) Connolly 617-942-0136 info@connollyforboston.com Consalvo 617-272-3041 field@robconsalvo.com (HAS NOT YET COMMITTED TO ATTEND) Golar-Ritchie 617-227-8087 scheduling@charlotteformayor.com Ross 617-652-0501info@mikeforboston.com Walczak 617-858-1242 info@billforboston.com Walsh 617-742-2103ckeohan@ckstrategies.com 

Here is an Update With Good News:

Mass Creative Reports that the media consortium showed flexibility and moved the televised debate to 8:00 PM. Plus; All seven Mayoral candidates have reconfirmed. 

Editors Note: The most important next step is for you to attend, and encourage others to attend. Let’s show the candidates that all of us in the arts (Music and otherwise) have concern and can exercise those concerns with our votes.

Many Thanks to Joyce Kulhawik for providing us with this article and update information. 


Take Action! Click to RSVP Now! Attend The Create The Vote Arts Forum September 9th beginning 7:00 PM at the Paramount Theatre in Boston, MA.

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