Thursday, October 24, 2013

This Weekend!


By: Doug Ruffin
     Boston Music Coalition

I am such a big kid. Particularly my youthful spirit rises to the occasion during Christmas and it will also happen this weekend during my birthday. As I'm writing this; I'm blasting Evolution 101.7 since they are playing the new song from Fatboy Slim, "Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat". Yeah, I'm such a big kid. But who can blame me. In addition to the Red Sox; a lot is going on this weekend! 

Just a few examples of great live music throughout greater Boston this weekend. 

Friday - Boston Horns perform at Ryles 212 Hampshire Street, Cambridge, MA.  

Don't be fooled by the Jazz location. Yes, Boston Horns is a Jazz band. They do, in fact, have this cool 70s funk Party Jazz fusion thing going on. Just try saying that three times. Trust me; it works! This is a great way to forget about this past week and jump start the weekend! 

Saturday - BB King, Robert Cray Live at the North Sure Music Theatre Beverly MA.

Blues is truly an American Music Art form. It tells the story of real people with real situations. That said; How does BB King make the Blues so uplifting? He has this way of telling you that his baby done left him and simultaneously reminds us that everything is gonna be alright. Its cool. Even cooler than that; Robert Cray will get your Grandmother up from "outta-that-Chair" and politely ask her and everyone for that matter, to get up and dance! If you want to hear great live music performed from the heart, get on up to Beverly MA at the North Sure Music Theatre, 62 Dunham Road. (It Ain't too far) And this music will drive your entire weekend. 

Sunday - Wynton Marsalis, Symphony Hall 301 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 

Not only do I love live music; I also appreciate great music arrangement in a song. The best classical arrangements can be found in many places around Boston. One of the best is the Boston Symphony Orchestra and not just a Christmas time. So its fitting that Wynton Marsalis will be performing his well arranged music at Symphony Hall in Boston on Sunday. Wynton Marsalis blends classic sounds with new themes with several instruments blended in at the right time to make jazz a pleasuring experience. This is the perfect way to top off a great weekend of live music.

And the Music continues after the weekend. 

Monday - Capital Cities performs at the House Of Blues in Boston

And ...

Tuesday - Hugh Laurie at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston 

Wow! are you out on a Tuesday? I am. Besides; its my birthday this weekend and I'm a big kid. 


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