Thursday, October 31, 2013

You Know Hugh Laurie; Now Meet Sista Jean

By: Doug Ruffin
     Boston Music Coalition 

This is a great time to be in Boston. The Red Sox, The Live Music and perhaps, a Casino. Add a visit from the President, and Boston is the center of attention for the world to see Boston as the world class city that it has always been. 

Many live music performers from around the world often hit the many stages in Boston only to be received by enthusiastic audiences.

Hugh Laurie took to the stage in Boston for a phenomenal concert event on Tuesday, October 29th at the Wilbur Theatre.

One of the lead singers with Hugh Lauries' tour is Sista Jean. That's right, "Sista". 
And let me be the one to tell you. Sista Jean can not only sing. She can Sang! 

To experience a performance with Sista Jean is to hear music performed professionally and from the heart. She seems to have so much fun performing that it all appears effortlessly. Sista Jean has the gift of song and enjoys sharing it with us all. Sporting a new blues CD, "Back To The Root"; Sista Jean can likely perform nearly every music genre with heart, soul and more. 
The Hugh Laurie tour is moving on. If you missed the show in Boston and can catch the tour, do so. You will love Hugh Laurie and will be more than pleased to meet Sista Jean.


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