Sunday, November 17, 2013

Elton John: This a Boston Music Coalition Live Music Review

By: Doug Ruffin
     Boston Music Coalition

Elton John performed last week at the TD Garden here in Boston. The nearly three hours of great classics and new songs too was one of the best music experiences I had in a long time. 

My expectations were high for an Elton John performance. But Elton surprised me. First, his band played like no tomorrow and the back up singers (including Tata Vega) Sang out from the heart and contributed to Elton John's performance by surrounding the TD Garden with voice and song without competing with the star of the show.

The light show was fantastic and always interesting.

What surprised me the most was what Elton John did with the piano. Each Classic Elton John song was revitalized with slick, jazzed up piano performances that changed the face of each song.

You know that song, "That's Why they Call it the Blues"? It's a catchy little adult contemporary number we have all heard somewhere before. But when Sir Elton performs it live ... Well... now its a Gospel song ... with piano playing that will make you believe in music all over again!

Not all of Elton John's music is designed to fill a dance floor. Although I'm happy to learn in recent interviews that he personally prefers Electronic Dance Music. Yeah! Me too Elton. That said, all of us who are fans of Elton John know he writes beautiful songs of love. Remember, "Our Song"?

Therefore, the live performance genius knew that thousands of people may not stay awake for three hours of slow songs. Instead he mixed it up. and while introducing a new song honoring the troops, he realized he may have performed a few too many slow songs in a row. So, he asked for a little patients from the audience and said, "I know these songs are a bit slow but please stay with me here .. only two more .." The audience of multi generations politely laughed a long with his request and collectively settled back to enjoy some beautiful music.

Captain fantastic took the audience up and down the yellow brick road and beyond. It's amazing how a living legend can still perform beyond expectations.


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