Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Live Music Experience

By Doug Ruffin
    Boston Music Coalition

You know those people who have their tree and holiday lights up and have nearly completed Christmas shopping? I know, they make you sick. Don't they? Even worse, I'm one of them. I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. As proud as I am about that; many options still remain for the rest of my Christmas list.

A good business friend once told me that sometimes, the best gifts don't have to be wrapped in a box. Instead, consider giving an experience. If you love live music. This way of thinking will come easy.

Live music during and beyond the holidays offers an amazing experience. And unlike that ugly sweater, its likely to create a positive memory never to be forgotten. 

Keep in mind the style of music and / or bands the person you are getting tickets for as a gift actually likes. For example. Just because someone like country music, doesn't mean they like Taylor Swift. Make sure the gift is age appropriate. Your 18 year old may love to catch that new electronic dance music band, but will be too young to attend a venue that only admits people over the age of 21. Last but not least, keep the location in mind. If the people you are planning this magnificent music experience for depend on public transportation and do not drive a car; Perhaps a venue local and easy to get to by public transportation would be a better fit. 

With that in mind. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Live Jazz and more at the Arsenal Center for the Arts. (T Accessible) in Watertown, MA. Our friends at the Arsenal Center for the Arts tell us that the 2013 - 2014 season is on. The American Songbook: The Jazz view is going on now. But the center offers more. including family activities and music events in several genres throughout the year.

Symphony Hall (T Accessible) in Boston offers the best in classical music and more. How about a little swing? The Boston Pops Swing Orchestra plays New Years Eve Night. Other music events can be gifted in a three ticket flex plan to keep enchantment of the holiday season alive all year around.

How about some dinner and dancing to go a long with that live music experience? To gift this one, look to the top. The Top of the Hub offers dining gift certificates. It's fun, classy and offers a great view of Boston and beyond. Many nights are filled with great music for listening, tappin' your foot at the bar and dancing. "T" And Elevator accessible.

Right outside North Station on the Orange, Green and Purple line of the T is The TD Garden, offering everything from sports to live music concerts. Beyonce performs Live in Concert on December 30th. Since the Holidays are a, "season"; Why not start gifting early? Beyond the Holiday season, The stage lights up for Jay Z, Lady Antebellum, Paul Simon and Sting. 

The Berklee performance Center, also T accessible, in Boston, is a powerhouse of name and student performances a like. For the holiday, catch Jim Brickman perform in his, "Magic of Christmas" concert later this week. After the Holidays, catch the spirit with, "The Clark Sisters" Gospel music concert. Just on of many musical events at the Berklee performance center going on in every season of the year.

Give your self an early Christmas present and enjoy, "A Christmas Carol" at the Boston Center for the Arts. the show for the entire family is running now through December 21 with live theatre, music events and learning opportunities throughout the year Thank Goodness the Boston Center for the arts is also T Accessible. Because just like all of these ideas listed. You may find your self living the live music experience all year 'round.


Arsenal Center for the Arts: 

Boston Symphony Orchestra at Symphony Hall:

Top of the Hub:

TD Garden: 

Berklee Performance Center 

Boston Center for the Arts

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