Monday, December 2, 2013

How About, "Music Tuesday"?

By Doug Ruffin
    Boston Music Coalition 

Was all that cybering on Monday as good for you as it was for me? I am, of course, referring to "Cyber Monday" and all that on line shopping people did on Monday. but lets not forget, "Black Friday", "Small Business Saturday" And; What's all this talk about a, "Brown Thursday" on Thanksgiving Day? 

All these days and colors have got me thinking about what could be missing. How about, "Music Tuesday"? It could be the day after Cyber Monday and offers blockbuster savings on Music CDs / Downloads, Tickets for live bands, Live Musical Theatre and the Arts. 

Launching a yearly, "Music Tuesday" could be a win win for all. Retail can sell quality surround sound systems, Musical Instruments and more; Bands, venues and promoters can sell tickets to performances and music-related events for shows coming up during and after the holiday season. Technology can sell the music benefits of the latest mobile device and individual musicians can even sell Music lessen packages to those who made a new years resolution to learn to play an instrument in the year ahead.

Music and the arts win because instead of preaching to the same audience choir, The arts can be introduced to those who love music but have not attend a performance in the arts with this new kind of gift under the tree.

Consumers would win with low cost saving on the examples above, And music? Well then ... Music Tuesday is the song everyone in music industry would want to hear. Right? 

Honestly, I'm not too sure about the answer to that questions. Business, consumers and the music industry would win. But with all the harmonizing, jamming, mixing and remixing that goes on in music; When it comes to ideas like "Music Tuesday", The cooperation it would take for the music industry to actually work together would only render ... the sound of silence.

On that note, Let's hope I'm wrong.

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