Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's a Bird, It's a Plane .. It's Beyonce in Boston 

By: Doug Ruffin
      Boston Music Coalition 

I read a Comic strip several years ago. The first frame showed signs up in a big City saying, "He's Coming!"; the next frame showed a large crowd of people entering a venue and the marque read, "He's Here!" The last frame showed an audience seated only to see posted on a large screen, "He's Gone!" 

Keep that in mind as you read this article. 

The Hype, excitement and buzz of Christmas took a back seat to anticipation of the Mrs Carter Tour coming to Boston. Yes, Beyonce was indeed coming to Boston to perform at the TD Garden. Tickets are costly, but it will be worth it to see Beyonce Live! 

Imagine the night of December 20th. Her audience walking tall in to the TD Garden wearing huge smiles and the latest fashions. Just after eight the lights dim and a teaser band comes out to warm up the audience who was already hot with excitement for Beyonce. The singer, honestly, I can't remember his name, kept the buzz alive stating, "Beyonce is Here!" The sold out Garden cheered and patiently applauded the warm up singer. Gee, What was that guys name? 

After the warm up, it was time for Beyonce. Better grab your concession now! It'll start in any minute. You know ... Soon ... ten minutes ... twenty minutes... O'kay these things happen, but now its an hour. you ask your self. with such a huge concert starting late, will the T be running at the end of the show? Suddenly the lights dim and the spotlights hit the stage and the stage is transformed in to Beyonce Land! after a five minute short film about Beyonce as she succeeds around the world; Beyonce appears to a screaming crowd. The band plays loud to the point of distortion, But Beyonce has a voice that is strong enough to stand out far beyond the distorted music and visual effects. 

And look! Beyonce can fly! She flew above the audience and performed on a second stage. a smart move that allows more of her audience to actually see her. At one point she steps in to the audience to greet her fans. Not only can beyonce sing in any enviorment, but honestly, she is a class act. Beyonce released a digital only album the week she performed in Boston and as an example of the true class act she is. Beyonce thanked the audience for responding so well to the new album release. 

Beyonce sang many of her hits covering both R&B and crossover chart toppers. she sang happy birthday to those celebrating a birthday, and then ..... Beyonce was gone. 

The Beyonce performance was less than ninety minutes long. that doesn't count all the film clips that ate up performance time that kept popping up throughout the show. 

This would make a great HBO special. but the live audience left with question marks on their faces rather than smiles. I'll bet the question was, " was this concert worth the high cost of admission?"     



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