Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Beatles Changed The Music World. So why not Free Publicity for Your Band?

By: Doug Ruffin
      Boston Music Coalition

As we celebrate the history of the live music performance of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show on CBS Television fifty years ago; Live music performances throughout the world before the Beatles and happening now, reminds us that live music on line, on TV and on stage has been and always will be the focal point of music in any genre of music.

No Matter When, where or era lived in, technology of any kind can alter live music But never, so we hope, replace it.

The Beatles played Suffolk Downs many moons ago and James brown performed at the old Boston Garden. It aired live on WGBH Channel 2 just like so many classical concerts at Symphony Hall aired live on Channel 2 many years before that.

Memories of great performances come to life when a song is played and, when a band or artist is mentioned.

To keep the images of live music from Boston's past alive and to identify with the live music of today and what has yet to be trending; The Boston Music Coalition will soon be changing the look of its web site and move forward with images of Greater Boston Bands and artists.

To do this, we need your help. Bands and artists are invited to send photo images of recent performances. Please include your contact number and the name of the band or, stage name to

While no one can promise success, this is a real opportunity for greater Boston musicians of all genres to gain valuable FREE promotion and publicity. It's not the cover of the Rolling Stone; and yet, The home page of the Boston Music Coalition could get musicians the attention needed for gigs and additional opportunities.  

We look forward to hearing from all of you as a new year will bring a better Boston Music Coalition.

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