Sunday, February 2, 2014


by Chris Thor

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In the music game there are various ways a recording artist can build a reputation. One such way is to learn how to be diverse and crossover into different genres. Recording artists like Rihanna, Beyonc√© and Chris Brown have done just that. Up-and-coming artist Tribal Saints has adopted that same philosophy. The founder of the group is Rob Liano whose background is rock. He was baptized in the rock music of the 80’s and 90’s but soon realized the potential of infusing his rock ‘n’ roll roots and percussive knowledge to the growing EDM movement.

“I'm a rock drummer first, been on tour, TV and radio but always loved dance music and the pulse and energy it evokes. So I took my percussive knowledge and writing talent and poured that into what I'm doing with Tribal Saints.”

The name Tribal Saints derived from the influence of rhythm and tribal beats combined with the positive vision of a saint which seemed fitting for what they wanted to accomplish through their music of uplifting groove driven tracks. Rob would eventually come in contact with Chris “The Greek” Panaghi, who has exceptional musical credits of his own. He would connect with Chris Panaghi through their love of music and together attend music industry events such as the Winter Music Conference.

In 2011 Tribal Saints would be born when Rob re-connected with Chris “The Greek” Panaghi who offered a collaborative environment with Amathus Music. Since then Tribal Saints have collaborated and released two solid tracks with the Rev-Players that have created a wild buzz. The first release “Party (It’s Alright)” featuring the sultry voice of Joie Giordano was a club favorite and managed to receive airplay on College Radio Stations as well as Radio Mixshow support, even charting on Record Pools nationally. Their next release, “Moments Of My Broken Heart” is another banger which featured the talented vocals of Niki Torre. That release has seen similar results as well as receiving a tremendous social media buzz.

“We have had great feedback, we're getting some good airplay and exposure and the artistry has been able to progress nicely.” the Tribal Saints reflect.

The Tribal Saints are not only recording artists but also have been involved on the remix end. They have remixed releases from artists like: DJ Zilos, Sophia Cruz and Rev-Players. Their remixes have a distinctive tribal, percussive vibe which offers a floor banging groove that is their signature. Rob admits that working with different artists unlocks certain creativity other that working solo does not offer. He prides himself as a team player and likes how the Amathus Music record label provides solid support.

Currently, Tribal Saints have collaborated with the powerhouse production team of Kosca and New York City native Doreen DeVore on the track “Celebrate”. This new release has pushed its way to the top right out of the box. Big support from the EDM community has propelled it onto the iTunes Dance Top Songs Sales Chart in the Top 50. They have been baptized in music and intend on blessing the masses with their talent!

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