Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Adventure Set Releases New EP

By Doug Ruffin
    Boston Music Coalition 

Last Thursday, I had a choice. I could sit around and complain about the Red Sox Or, head out to Fenway, drop in To Bill's Bar and catch an amazing local band, "Adventure Set". It was their EP release party, so this was a great time to see them perform the new songs live. The choice was obvious. ... I was adventurous and saw the band.

For the many thousands of us who already know this local band, you know it doesn't take an adventurous step to get in to Adventure Set Music. What? Not familiar with Adventure Set? It's time to get there. The group now comprised of, Mark Pothier and Ken Scales (who sounds a lot like Bowie) have been around since the eighties. They had some starts, stops and changes through the years but they have got a groove going and it's not likely to stop any time soon. In the early days, Adventure Set was introduced by then popular WBCN on air announcer and program director, "Oedipus" at The Rat. Remember that club? Their music has also been played on WBCN as well as WFNX.

When I talked to Adventure Set, I learned. a thing or two. First, Mark is the writer and Ken brings the writing to life. If you are in to EDM and for those in to Pop you are both in luck. Adventure set describes their sound as, "Electronic Dance Pop" they are hoping to get played on college radio first and look forward to being on the Kiss 108 and AMP Radio play lists. 

     "Cellophane" is the New single from Adventure Set

Even more important than that, Adventure set wants to get on your play list. The new EP, "Gazebo" is Hot! It includes four great tunes including, "Witness", "Paper Cut", "Come as you are" and the new single, "Cellophane". You can get the digital version for about three bucks or the physical CD for just $5 Not a lot to ask for great music from Adventure Set. 

Venture over to to add Aventure Set to your play list.

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