Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Top 10 Boston Rockin' Bands

By: Doug Ruffin
      Boston Music Coalition

We are still receiving Music Thoughts, information and top 10 Lists for 2014 from so many of you. Lark Logan (A Kiss 108 alumni) has submitted a Rockin' Top Ten List. Lark Logan is an expert on Local Rock Bands and Her Top Ten List Rocks! To say the least.

Did Your  Favorite Music Artist or Band Make the List?

Top Ten Boston Artists and Bands for 2014

By Lark Logan

10) The Stompers
 9)  The Fools
 8)  New Engkand
 7). Booty Vortex
 6) Houston Bernard Band
 5) The Jugghead Band
 4) Amanda Carr
 3) bearstronaught (My New and Up And Coming Favouraites)
 2) Charlie Farren

And My Number One is ....

 1) James Montgomery

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