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Top Ten Industry Trends for 2014 From John Luongo

By Doug Ruffin
Boston Music Coalition 

John Luongo is a good friend of mine. I met John during the 70s when he introduced Disco music to Boston via the radio. A first of many firsts for this music pioneer. John Luongo produced for many bands in many music genres.  

When we invited people to become BMCiReporters, John Luongo responded and offers his Top Ten Music industry Trends for 2014. 

By John Luongo

There were both good and bad things that happened in 2014 regarding the most important moments!

1- Streaming - It came on as a great concept but the payments are flawed and there will be a revolt if artists are not paid fairly and have a voice at the table.

2- Using YouTube as an A&R tool. This has been around for a while but now the executives and so called Music Mavens just got plain lazy and proved to be useless. Nice if your watching for your own use, but in A&R, it's terrible if you just use it to see what gets the most views that is dangerous! By those standards, people picking their noses might have the most views and therefor get signed.

3- Facebook taking firm command as a networking tool to spread industry information and being utilized for industry pros to reconnect with peers.
4- Commercials and Film Placements bring a source of additional income to support falling download sales and keep some non touring acts alive.

5- Record Labels officially dropped the ball when it comes to having real full time A&R staffs in place that can direct an artist's career and future. The lack of such is evident as you can let your ears judge the results.

6- The limited use of real songwriters in music has given way to a lesser quality of song and that will swing to other way in new year. People are tired of songs that don't last and sadly so many of the one off groups such as One Direction will be gone as they have no personal point of view and only live because of the thoughts and talent of others behind the scenes. Seems the true songwriters can't make money doing what they once did as only those who participate in ownership of music truly make anything.

7- The return of vinyl on a scale unforeseen but anyone. It's Not about to return to old levels but it grew at a breakneck pace and will draw attention to the sound and the look of the medium. Why look at a postage stamp of a Picasso when you can see and hold a wall hanging of the same? Things are churning and do not doubt the continued return of the vinyl medium to remind us of our roots and give our senses a feeling of calmness that will continue to be rekindled with each and every new fan who has ears.

8- Social Networking became a staple in every band's arsenal to reach the audience. The use of social networking to spread the word on their efforts where once a luxury became a staple and part of every campaign. Where once building a buzz for a small band or artist was an insurmountable challenge, that was now possible and indeed proven over and over.

9- The renewed interests in early music in dance, rock, funk and pop genres that has been proliferating over the past two years and especially last year. This new found interest will educate a new generation and make for a better future for music as they can pick and choose the parts of the past that selectively fit into the template of tomorrow.

10- The awakening of the artistic community to the fact that they have rights and are now becoming much more aware of the travesty that the music business has perpetrated against them. They are feeling the effect of their power and they outreach to their fans as was evidenced by Taylor Swift who indeed gained sales and exposure and not lost is at the those at Spotify and Pandora had intimated. The New Artist now posses the power of the open minds and access to information that will cause them to be more business savvy and weary in the future. Power comes from knowledge and knowledge is powerful in this new digital age and finally there is indeed a shift and switching of balance to be in the hands of the creators of entertainment and not the buyers and distribution of it!


What is Your Top 10 for 2014? Let us know and we could include it on our BMC Music Scene Page. 

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