Monday, June 20, 2011

Automatically Excited About the Pointer Sisters Concert in Boston

Doug Ruffin
Boston Music Coalition

WODS radio in Boston offers a Free Summer Concert Series at the hatch shell on the esplanade park area off Boston’s famous Charles River. Last Saturday, WODS presented the first of three scheduled free summer concerts at the Hatch Shell. The first concert offered the Pointer Sisters.

Let me tell you, the Pointer Sisters took it to Chuch! Not, “Church” but an honest to goodness. “Chuch”! This was not a Gospel music concert. But all were able to rise to the strong voices the Pointer Sisters still have. The sweeping harmonies and vocals were so strong and so on pitch, everyone heard every word of every song. The vocals were so strong and harmonies so clear, that the audience cheered as if to rate the vocalists in a music appreciation class. 

Say what you will about Boston residence. You know, oldies driven, slow to change, no diversity and a God awful lack of rhythm. Well, it’s 2011 and the Pointer Sisters brought out the best in all the proper and the rest of us not – so – proper Bostonians.

The Pointer Sisters performed all their hits and then some. In addition, the vocalists took a moment to voice winning support for the Boston Bruins. Yes, “we got the cup” But that night, The Pointer Sisters filled the cup with song.


WODS Free Summer Concert Series

July 23’ 2011       Eddy Money
August 20’ 2011 –  KC and the Sunshine Band

All events take place at the Hatch Shell beginning at 7:00 PM.

Call 1 800 336-1033 or visit

The Pointer Sister

                                                       Music: By The Pointer Sisters .

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