Monday, June 6, 2011

Become a BMCiReporter

By Doug Ruffin
President and Executive Producer
Boston Music Coalition

When you go out and have a good weekend or any night of the week for that matter; we would like to hear about it. Many of you go to major clubs in and around Boston. Still, others go to venues a little off path. No matter where you have gone to check out a DJ or catch a band, you are invited to become a reporter of sorts. That is, become an iReporter for the Boston Music Coalition. Simply put, become a BMCiReprter.

Anyone who has attended an evening out and would like to share a great music-related experience can become a BMCiReporter.

DJs, bands, promoters, and artist management can also write a blog as a BMCiReprter.

E mail your music-related blog with your name and contact information to .

Who knows … Your night out could turn a local band in to an international phenomena.  

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