Thursday, September 29, 2011

John Sabastian: This is a BMCiRepoters’ Live Music Review

John Sabastian - She's A Lady

BMCiReporter, Denise, Contributed her own live music experience with singer, John Sabastian last weekend and sharess it with the Boston Music Coalition.

Contributed By BMCiReporter: Denise

We just saw john Sabastian at Kowloons Restaurant Friday night and it did disappoint.
His voice is worn, but the songs he played were our old favorites and the crowd cheered him on.

The problem was he talked more than he played. Before each song he went into a 10 minute story around how each song came to be. I was bored after the 5th story.

- Denise


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  • Kowloon Restaurant

948 Broadway (Route One)
Saugus, Massachusetts

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