Monday, September 19, 2011

Live Music at Medieval Manor. This is a Boston Music Coalition Live Music Review

By Doug Ruffin
Boston Music Coalition
I gotta’ tell ya’. This was a great weekend. Good weather, productive by day, lot’s of great music each night.

On Saturday, I went to the Medieval Manor. Ann from Boston Spot-light Inc, The Concierge Specialists, invited me to attend with friends and business leaders. What a time we had. If you have not been to the Medieval Manor, May I suggest you go. If you have been their during the 39 year history in Boston; Well then, Lords and Ladies, you most definitely will want to return. For the king has ruled for a merry night out for a feast, ale and song.

The Medieval Manor Theatre Restaurant, located at
246 East Berkeley Street
in Boston, is an experience that transports you in to the past. From the very moment you enter the door. The candlelit lighting, the costumes, the way you are greeted and the music instantly removes you from the present but uniquely encourages you to party. That is … of course, if the King permits it.

The dinner theatre show includes a guitarist known as “Minstrel Bill”. He described the music to me as, “British-Isle Celtic”. He does a great job of setting the mood and performing. The women in the cast sing beautifully. Ivy sang a solo fit for any king of the music industry and she elevates her audience with her voice and professionalism. Josie, Chloe and Molly also act and sing at a level of legitimate theatre on Broadway. You are not only entertained when they all sing, you feel honored.

All the Lords and Ladies attending the Medieval Manor will enjoy a great feast, ale and even the King. I, as you will, also enjoyed the music.


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