Monday, September 12, 2011

Music is Ever Changing and the News is Always New

By Doug Ruffin
Boston Music Coalition

Music has this great way of changing and arranging. Trends may come and go, genres change in popularity But you can count on two things. First, genres may change but they never die. The second, in order to stay on top in today's music world, you need music news in order to stay on top of everything music.

The Boston Music Coalition has already become the one-stop source for news and information for leaders in the music industry who seek dependable news about local, national and international music.

Consider the Boston Music Coalition home page with the top music headlines. Did you know beyond the headlines we have a Boston Music Coalition News room? It offers local music news covering a variety of genres and not to mention top album sales. The news about Rihanna singing on Coldplay’s album has already been announced in the news room. Beyond the headlines and the news room is an up to date blog with updates in music related events around greater Boston and live music reviews. We can even alert you on blog updates. To follow us, go to the upper right of this page. It’ll take ya’ 10 seconds. We'll take care of the rest. :)  

You can also click “Music News” on that blue nav bar on the top of this page. See it? Go ahead, click on and stay on top of the music world. Anyone wanting to stay on top of the music world can depend on the news room and this music scene blog from the Boston Music Coalition.    

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