Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Message from the President: Go Patriots!

 By Doug Ruffin
      Boston Music Coalition

Go Patriots! Congratulations to the AFC champs. The Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl to face the New York Giants. Sport has a way of bringing people together. A championship team in any market can grow the local economy. No sooner has your credit card bill come in from Christmas shopping and here we are back in the stores again just because some guy missed an “easy” field goal.

This, of course, is a music blog. So why talk about sports? Well, first it’s a sleazy way to get noticed on Google. An idea we don’t suggest you practice at home. J The other reason, and most important, is that for many years now, sports and music team up very well thank you. From the Star Spangled Banner, an old drinking song that no one could possibly sing well, But Steven Tyler did make the attempt, to the fight songs in the stands, The marching bands at high school and college football, the Super Bowl half time stage, pre game, post game music extravaganzas and the MBA All Star Week that tends to keep many music industry professional … Busy! Players themselves get in to the music game as well. Then again, some try. Remember the Super Bowl Shuffle? Frightening! J

While the hype is on for the Patriots, many fans are sure to go out celebrating in the days and weekends leading up to the big game. This is great for the local economy and music will play a great part of the celebration. It doesn’t take much for a gimmicky promoter to get a venue that would otherwise have little to do with sports on track to the Super Bowl with a so called, “Super Band – Super Saturday Night Event” at large and small venues all over New England. And that’s a good thing. It offers much needed opportunities for live music performers and a wide range of places to go to celebrate with fellow fans and great live music. All in all, music and sports play well together. Now get on out there, catch a live band and Party!  Go … Madonna!    

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