Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Message from the President

By Doug Ruffin
      Boston Music Coalition

From Christmas through and including Martin Luther King Day, I am energized and inspired by the season of holidays we have had.  The best part of this past holiday season is how we plan to shape that excitement from the holidays and mold it in to something great and productive. The music of Christmas season seems magical. The determination Martin Luther King lifts the voices of all Americans. The Boston Music Coalition wants to take the magic that music brings us plus the ability music has to inspire us and create a positive sounding board for the growth of live music all around greater Boston.

We will position our selves to create interest in consumer attendance and venue support for live music. To do this, we want to show the enormous value music has in society. Our Music Beat News brand will align relevant current events with music. The series of reports we have already started about extended MBTA (local bus and subway system) hours so that musicians can perform in front of a larger audience unchained to the 12:30 transit curfew for responsible adults on weekends. Many of you saw the Music Beat News report on the Boston Music Awards. Many found that to be the most comprehensive news report on the 2011 awards events. We will continue to report on music and related issues that effect entertainment and the social capital consumers have to support the attendance of live music performances.

Our Nightlife Nexus brand with expanded listings. It has too. Starting now, our Nightlife Nexus live music listings will now be a tool for the Greater Boston Concierge association to provide hospitality guests with valuable information about live music in greater Boston. The Nightlife Nexus Live Music Listings and Music video show will merge sensibly and the world class Music News information and Music Beat News will also be combined in a manner that makes sense to everyone.

Beyond our brands is our mission to publicize live music. We are working to grow sustainability a development to publicize live music and to explore more unique ways to get the word out about live music. .. Stay Tuned! J

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