Monday, August 19, 2013

Veronica Robles Performs at Boston GreenFest 2013

By Doug Ruffin
Boston Music Coalition

The last music performer of the night at Boston GreenFest on Saturday was a Mariachi band and a singer, Veronica Robles.  No kidding. I had absolutely no idea what I was in for. I have been in the audience to see a Mariachi band before; but Veronica Robles left me and the rest of the crowd in aw.

Veronica Robles who later told me in a back stage interview that she hosts and produces for Telemundo – Boston. She has been hosting and producing for years. First in Mexico and now in on Telemundo.

Let me set the stage to describe her performance. The Mariachi band came out and performed a traditional Mexican standard. The crowd already up on their feet begins to dance. At the start of the second song, Veronica Robles takes command. She is young, beautiful and stands tall. Not just in height but in stature. Music, in of its self, is an international language. Veronica Robles sings in Spanish but her dramatic presents with every lyric in every song is dramonsterative enough for anyone to understand. Singing with passion and emotion; this woman can “sang”!

Holding notes like an opera singer, commanding attention like a rock star and yet humble and humorous at the same time; Veronica Robles won the hearts of everyone in the audience.

After a few photo ops back stage; a busy Veronica Nobles politely and professionally focused on our interview by turning to me and saying, “O’kay, I’m all yours”.

BMC (Boston Music Coalition): That was an amazing performance. How long have you been singing?

Veronica Robles: Oh thank you so much. I have been singing … well professionally; since I was fourteen years old.

BMC: In Mexico?

Veronica Robles: Yes but I also toured the US and other countries throughout the world.

BMC: When did you come to the US?  

Veronica Robles: I came to the US to do a tour while living in Mexico. I moved to the US eighteen years ago.

BMC: What were the highlights of your singing career?
Veronica Robles: Performing at Carnegie Hall, and in 1997 I performed at Lincoln Center.

BMC: That must have been an honor.

Veronica Robles: Oh yes.

BMC: And you have been working in Television? Tell us more about that.

Veronica Robles: I started hosting on a Mexican network inn 1997. The show as about Mexican Culture. I also started producing there and I continue to host and produce her on Telemundo.

BMC: Getting back to the music; where can I get your music?

Veronica Robles: You can visit my site. . Nobody wants to buy music anymore. It’s o’kay. I have songs on my site so anyone can download.

BMC: What about upcoming performances?

Veronica Robles: I will be performing at Roxbury Community College on Mexican Independence Day. September 14th and I will be in the Columbus Day parade in Revere, Mass. 

NOTE: It was our pleasure to meet and talk with Veronica Robles. We look forward to more performances from her

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