Saturday, August 17, 2013

It’s Saturday and Boston GreenFest 2013 is Happening Now!

By Doug Ruffin
Boston Music Coalition  

You are going to want to bring the entire Neighborhood to Boston GreenFest today at City Hall Plaza by the Government Center T Stop from now until 10: 00 PM. Boston GreenFest 2013 launched was a bang musically and the music explosion is still taking place. However, today is the last day. We are here live covering Boston GreenFest 2013 and the crowds are already making their way to City Hall Plaza. One thing we’ve noticed. The family crowds whom are attending this event during the last few days are orderly and the well planned out design leaves more than enough room for more people to get around the plaza.

To recap Friday we talked with a newly formed Jazz band in the EcoSoul tent. The NWA Soul Project formed in November and has already gained attention here in Boston. They write original music and hope to have a CD out soon. In addition, they are planning smart marketing strategies such as social media and E Newsletters.

Soon after, we heard some great acoustic sounds taking place in the Eco Lounge. RSO (that stands for Really Small Orchestra) offered up big sounds described by the band as, “Genre Bending Acoustic Music”. The band is busy with several gigs. When we talked to them at GreenFest, they were on their way to Bedford for a gig later Friday night. We asked RSO what the altermate goal is for the band and the lead singer, Grace Morrison, (no, not related to That Morrison answered),“To do this (perform) full time”. At this pace, their goals could indeed be realized.

The main stage at Boston GreenFest is always a buzz with activity and entertainment during Boston GreenFest 2013. The music powered the evening and well in to the night.

McAlister Drive performed at “Outside the Box” earlier this summer to rave reviews include from all of us at the Boston Music Coalition. They are the only acoustic band that positively sounds electric with an international sound that plays well to any local audience. When the band jumped off the stage, we jumped in to an interview.
BMC: You guys really got this crowd going.

McAlister Drive: Thanks, but by the looks of things, the next bands going on this main stage are about to explode.

BMC: How did you get involved with Boston GreenFest?

McAlister Drive: We’ve performed here at GreenFest for three years now. Our manger, Kyle is friends with Karen Weber, The person who puts this thing together. Kyle helped out with one of the stages and we were happy to perform all these years at GreenFest.

BMC: Is it a performance thing for you? Or, Are you in to the environment?        

McAlister Drive: We’ve always been concerned about the environment. Band member have in fact road a bike to this gig or took the subway.

BMC: Where are you guys from?

McAlister Drive: We’re from Arlington and all around Boston.

BMC: You seem to have an international sound. Have you performed outside the US?

McAlister Drive: We have done some international shows in England, Ireland and we are popular up in Toronto.

NOTE: McAlister Drive has a CD, “The Goddess” out now.  A new CD is in the works for a likely release in the early 2014.

Topping off the night was an R&B / Gospel Group that brought the croud to its feet. “Rayz” they told us back stage that the group was formed mostly by friends who attend church together. Raenya, the lead singer, is surrounded by her family on stage and back stage as well.  On stage performing, she has a strong enough voice to cover nearly any kind of music she sets her mind to do.        

Now that Boston GreenFest is underway for a Saturday full of Eco info and Great Music; we’ll be here live covering all the music. Visit for updates throughout the day. Better yet. Get you self over here to City Hall Plaza to see and hear Boston GreenFest 2013.
NOTE: Read below to get updates you may have missed. 

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