Thursday, August 15, 2013

Morning Update: Live from Boston GreenFest 2013

Doug Ruffin
Boston Music Coalition

It may be Friday morning but anyone who attended the Boston GreenFest kick off may still be wearing the glow of Thursday night on their faces.

Among everything else; if the live music performances that took place Thursday night are any indication of the next two days ahead (Friday and Saturday) Boston GreenFest will have its greatest success to date.

Things got underway with a good start at 5:00 PM yesterday. And the sun set fueled the energy as music and energetic performers lit up the night throughout Boston from one stage at City Hall Plaza. The Creek River String Band electrified the audience with original and popular acoustic sounds.

Melodeego a great band with a rhythmic rock vibe with a mix of blues and Gospel, amped up the large crowd at City Hall plaza with the help of bike peddlers who provided the natural energy for the bands’ performance. The lyrics in the songs from Melodeego are strong and motivating. Apparently, this group has something to say. So we interviewed them.

BMC: What made you decide to become the musical voice on the environment?

Melodeego: We have been playing for a while and four years ago, the issue of the environment caught our attention. It effects social justice, human rights, animal rights and more.

BMC: You guys are from the Boston area. Have you influenced other music performers to sing about the environment and social issues?

Melodeego: One example of an artist who speaks out on social issues like us is an MC called Tem Blessed from New Bedford. We worked with him in a music video.

Note: Melodeegos’ latest song available on You Tube is, “Digging us a whole”. The also have an, “action” coming up as they plan to march with thousands to protest the pipelines.

Next on stage was Santa Mamba. The name means to “Celebrate Life”. And the world pulse of international influences brought the crowd to its feet.

Last on stage were Phunk Phenomana and Lil’ Phunk. The crowd danced and watched in amazement as they seem to bring Michael Jackson back to life. Phunk Phenomena is MTVs Americas best Dance Crew. The crew is from Everett and they offer dance lessons in Everett as well. The night was not only exciting but likely to be influential enough for attendees to bring entire neighborhoods with them today for more green Energy info, Great food and phenomenal entertainment!

We’ll be here live. Bring the entire neighborhood. You’re not gonna want to miss a Single Green Beat!

Check back often for more updates live from Boston GreenFest 2013

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