Sunday, August 18, 2013

Boston GreenFest 2013: Never Trash a Green Success Story.
Here’s The Recap.  

By Doug Ruffin
Boston Music Coalition

I was introduced to a great lady, Karen Weber, who was, at the time I met her, working on an event I did not hear about. It was and is called, Boston GreenFest. I attended some meetings and saw volunteers come and go.

This year, as I disclosed last week, The Boston Music Coalition is a media partner of Boston GreenFest 2013. Covering this years’ event was not only exciting to do; but a chance to see how this yearly event has grown. More people seemed to have attended this year than ever before. Those attending got information about matters of what is truly green and purchased from venders in tents large and small throughout City Hall Plaza.

As for the music, the choices were more divers than in the past. No one music stage ever over powered another stage even though four stages offered live music and / or Eco- fashion shows and family fair throughout City Hall Plaza.

Each stage, including the main stage, offered continuous entertainment. I’m not talking about an on going schedule of bands. I’m talking about performers ready to jump on stage as soon as the previous band has completed. On the main stage, where each band had to set up equipment, the breaks between bands was always less than five minutes. All stages were well on schedule and the host on the main stage never had to say, “ we have … oh are they ready? … o’kay …I think we’ll have .. oh no We have a change? … so what are weee??….. O’kay” Just like you see, at times, during many large events. But not here! The continuous flow of well planned entertainment permitted the host to present each performer with total confidence.

I am overflowing with notes, CDs and bios. Tomorrow, Look for an interview with  Telemundos’,“ Veronica Robles”. I had no Idea what we were in for when she arrived on stage. Let me tell you. This woman can “Sang”!   

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