Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Night Music at Boston GreenFest 2013.
You’re Not Gonna Want to miss A Single Green Beat!

By: Doug Ruffin
Boston Music coalition

It’s just after 5:30 PM and the crowds attending Boston GreenFest continue to grow in anticipation of Saturday night at Boston GreenFest 2013.

Earlier today, Bob Bradshaw performed his brand of Irish / Americana music in the Eco lounge. The well attended performance was full of great sounds and lyrical humor. Bob told us back stage that he has been performing for thirty years. He is excited about his just released CD, “Home”.

I need to make a correction. We have reported in this blog about the Soul stage and called it incorrectly as the, “EcoSoul Stage”. It is, in fact, the Green Soul Stage. Please make a note of it when you go to GreenFest tonight.

Just about an hour or so ago at the Green Soul Stage; I talked with the band, “Viva La Hop”. (The name means ,”long live Hip hop” especially, Live Hip Hop performances) They have a sound of well written quality driven hip hop with a band- not a DJ; much like “The Routs. Viva La Hop is newly formed and met at Berklee School of Music. You know how every once in a while, you go out and hear a new band and you just know they are going to make it? That is the vibe you get from Viva La Hop.

Just a quick note: Non-live music events took place today. They deserve musical mention due to the use of music during such performances at GreenFest today. For example, a Belly dancer was featered today and the music she danced to was that of contemporary Middle Eastern Music. Wonna know what America? We are lagging behind in pop music. Today’s middle eastern music is better than our electronic dance music and far beyond the hip hop rythmic we are still playing here in the US.

Music has just played a part in a fashion show over at the main stage. The models generated excited in visual styles while we were all treated to some great house music at the same time. 

It all goes to show in both of those examples that when listening to music; don’t judge a book by its cover and be carefull; you just might learn something. 

We are about to get in to tonight’s music at Boston GreenFest 2013. Latin sounds and Rock n Roll rule the night at Boston GreenFest 2013.  You’re not gonna want to miss a single Green Beat!     

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